Pitbull net worth

Pitbull net worth

Net Worth: $9 Million

About Pitbull

Pitbull net worth

Pitbull, real name Armando Christian Perez, is a rapper, record producer and songwriter from the United States. Pitbull first became known in 2002 for his single featuring Lil John and rose to prominence in 2004, after his own debut album M.I.A.M.I. (abbreviation for Money Is a Major Issue) was released. Since then this rapper has released three more albums: El Mariel, Boatlift and Planet Pit. Pitbull net worth is currently estimated at $9 million dollars.

Pitbull was born in Miami, in a family of Cuban decent. At the beginning of his career Pitbull was often looked at with suspicion, because his physical features- light skin and blue eyes- were not typical for the hip-hop artist. His music which reflected pop and Miami bass influences also sounded pretty weird for the ears of a common hip-hop fan. Armando’s parents divorced when he was still a child and the boy staid with his single mom. Back in the day the family did not live in abundance and Pitbull net worth was nothing to brag about. When he was 16-year-old Pitbull started selling drugs in order to get extra cash. Drug dealing was one of the reasons Armando’s mother has divorced his father.

When she learned that her son has chosen the same risky path she kicked him out of home. Years later in one of the interviews Armando described his early life as a constant fight with the world. That’s why he chose Pitbull as his stage name- dogs of this breed never let go and fight till they bleed to death.

Right after school Pitbull started to pursue career in hip hop. In 2001 he met his future producer, Fernando Diaz. At first Fernando was not particularly impressed with Pitbull’s music, he found his songs too long and not quite catchy. However, he recognized the potential and decided to concentrate on developing Pitbull’s talent. Together they spent hours in the studio, trying to make Armando’s songs more acceptable for the main stream audience and radio. The current Pitbull net worth proves that their work did not go to waste. In 2004 Pitbull’s debut album M.I.A.M.I. was released. It climbed to 32nd position on Billboard Hot 100 and its lead single “Culo” peaked at number 11 on the charts. The album also featured such singles as “Back Up”, “Damn Man”, “Damn Man” and “That’s Nasty”.

Pitbull’s second album titled El Mariel was finished by the end of 2006. Adriano dedicated this work for his father, which has died the same year. This album differed from his earlier works in the way that it included politically and socially themed songs not only party-oriented hits. Some of the more prominent tracks in this album include “Ay Chico”, “Fuego”, “Bojangles” and “Dime”. It looks like since the beginning of his career luck has never abandoned this rapper. Each of the albums he released was commercially successful and added a solid sum to Pitbull net worth.

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pitbull net worth pitbull net worth

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