Plies net worth

Plies net worth

Net Worth: $18 Million

About Plies

Plies net worth

Plies, real name Algernod Lanier Washington, is a famous American rapper and the founder of label Big Gates Records. Before becoming a rapper Plies was considered to be a perspective football player and was recruited by the Miami University for the seasons 1996 and 1997. Algernod and his brother founded the recording company after the would-be rapper was kicked out of college. He soon signed a contract with Ted Lucas’ Slip-n-Side Records and released a debut album entitled The Real Testament in 2007. The album featured two successful hits, “Hypnotized” and “Shawty”. Plies net worth is currently estimated at $18 million.

Algernod was born in Fort Myers and raised in a nearby area of East Dunbar. While studying in Fort Myers Senior High, Plies used to represent his school on the football field. He used to play in a position of defensive back or a receiver. Since his teenage years Plies has had a good sense of style and paid a lot of attention to his appearance. He was elected the Homecoming King and the Best Dressed Student by his classmates. From 1995 to 1997 Algernod attended the University of Miami and played for the college football team.

Although most experts and observers regarded Plies as a perspective football player, he did not see himself playing football in ten years and decided to pursue career in music, which eventually boosted Plies net worth to 18 million dollars.

Algernod’s professional career began in the late 90s, when the would-be rapper and his step brother nicknamed Big Gates decided to start a private recording company. In the beginning Plies did not plan on becoming a rapper. All he did was producing and promoting other artists’ records. His own career began when his brother secretly recorded Plies’ rhyming while he was coaching one of their clients. Big Gates promoted the single to the point where his brother was offered to sign a contract with Slip-n-Slide Records in Miami. Around the same time as the deal was made Plies’ long time girlfriend Brandy Lacole Lyons conceived their first son. The boy was named Nijier Lanier Washington.

Plies net worth growth shifted to the high gear in 2007, following the release of Plies debut album entitled The Real Testament. The album featured two major singles: “Shawty” recorded in collaboration with T-Pain climbed to the top of Billboard Hot Rap Tracks list an “Hypnotized” (featuring Akon) topped the Hot charts. The album was commercially successful and sold nearly 100 copies during the week after its release. Eventually The Real Testament sold over 500 thousand tracks and received a Gold certification from the Recording Industries Association of America. The sales from this album made a significant input to the current Plies net worth. Since then the rapper has released two more albums.

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plies net worth plies net worth plies net worth

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