Pooch Hall net worth

Pooch Hall net worth

Net Worth: $3.5 Million

About Pooch Hall

Pooch Hall net worth

It has been claimed that the total amount of Pooch Hall net worth is 3.5 million dollars. Pooch Hall is a well known name in entertainment industry. He has earned his net worth through his career as a model as well as an actor. As an actor, Pooch Hall has appeared in productions made for TV as well as big screen, and this career has been one of the main sources of Pooch Hall net worth.

Pooch Hall is mostly known from quite a few TV productions. One example of them could be his appearance on “The Game”, a sitcom which was airing on CW/BET. On this show, Pooch Hall portrayed a role of the football player named Derwin Davis. In 2011, Pooch Hall increased his popularity by appearing in the film called “Jumping the Broom”, where he starred as Ricky. Today, he is mostly known from the TV show called “Ray Donovan”, where he appeared as Daryll Donovan. The show is also considered as the main current source of Pooch Hall net worth.

Pooch Hall was born in 1977 in Massachusetts. When he was a student, he excelled in sports, mainly in boxing. In fact, in 1994 he became a winner of the Southern New England Golden Gloves for his participation in this sport.

Pooch Hall began acting when he enrolled into the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth.

In 1996 while acting, he also made friends with Linda Hall, who later in life became his wife. In 1999, Pooch Hall married Lina Hall. Together with her, he is a father of three kids.
Pooch Hall’s career into entertainment industry began with his appearances on some TV commercials as well as doing some modeling jobs. In 2001, Pooch Hall debuted as a professional actor when he got a role in a movie called “Lift”. Since that time, he has appeared in many more films that have increased the total amount of Pooch Hall net worth.

In the same year as he appeared in that film, Pooch Hall appeared on Blue Hill Avenue. Two years later, he was chosen to be one of the hosts of the show called “Girls v Boys” broadcasted on The N Network. In 2005, Pooch Hall starred in a TV show called “Miracle’s Boys”, where he appeared as Ty’ree. In 2006, Pooch Hall was casted to appear in the previously mentioned production called “The Game”, which increased his popularity even more.

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