Q Tip net worth

Q Tip net worth

Net Worth: $8 Million

About Q Tip

Q Tip net worth

Q Tip is a well known musician in rapping music industry. It has been estimated that the overall size of Q Tip net worth today reaches 8 million dollars. In addition to his work as a rapper, he is also known as a record producer. As such, he is one of the most well known from Queens, New York. Q Tip is also known as a member of the band called “A Tribe Called Quest”. The band has been acclaimed by music critics and it received acclaim from audiences, as well, thus this band has also added to the overall amount of Q Tip net worth.

Q Tip was born in Harlem in 1970. When he was growing up, Q Tip moved to live to Queens. During his rapping career, Q Tip has also gone by the name of The Abstract. Q Tip, amongst his inspirations, usually cites his friend named Mohammed Sead.

Talking more about his career as a musician, Q Tip is mostly known to many people as a member of the previously mentioned band, “A Tribe Called Quest”, which he has also founded. The band is amongst the main sources of Q Tip net worth. He created this band in 1985 and he was joined by his friends from high school, including Mohammed Sead.

The group got a contract signed with Jive Records and during a small period of time the band released five albums, which enjoyed success. However, in 1998, “A Tribe Called Quest” stopped performing. In 2006, however, the members of the band reunited and they appeared in a couple of events.

In addition to his career in this band, Q Tip is also known as a solo act, which is another important source of Q Tip net worth. His first singles were called “Breathe and Stop” and “Vivrant Thing”. His debut album was called “Amplified” and it was released under the label of Arista Records. In 2002, it was stated that Q Tip recorded an album called “Kamaal/The Abstract”, however, it has been never released due to the fact that the people from the label thought that it would not reach commercial success. It is worth mentioning that despite this, the album was acclaimed by critics. In 2004, Q Tip collaborated with R.E.M. and he appeared on R.E.M.’s album called “Around the Sun”. In this album, Q Tip appeared in a song called “The Outsiders”.

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q tip net worth q tip net worth q tip net worth

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