Queen Elizabeth net worth

Queen Elizabeth net worth

Net Worth: $450 Million

About Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth net worth

Queen Elizabeth II, full name Elizabeth Alexandra Marry, is an official constitutional monarch of sixteen sovereign states, Commonwealth realms, their dependencies and territories. She accessed the throne in 1954, after the death of her father, King George VI. She is also the head of Commonwealth Nations, intergovernmental organization which consists of 54 independent states. Elizabeth is a queen regnant of seven countries: United Kingdom, Australia, South Africa, Canada, New Zeeland, Ceylon and Pakistan. Her titles also include Defender of the Faith and Supreme Governor of the Church of England. Although her real financial situation remains in secret, most sources claim Queen Elizabeth net worth amount to $450 million.

Elizabeth, the first child of Elizabeth Angela Marguerite Bowes-Lyon and Prince Albert (Later George VI) was born in 1926, at her maternal grandparents’ house in London. Needless to say, her parents’ fortune was not any less impressive than Queen Elizabeth net worth. She was baptized in Buckingham Palace to carry the names of her mother (Elizabeth), George V’s mother (Alexandra) and her paternal grandmother (Mary).

As any other parents, Prince Albert and Elizabeth called their daughter by a diminutive name, Lilibet. The girl was especially cherished by her grandfather, King George V. Some media sources have idealized their relationship, stating that Lilibet’s daily visits did most to help him recover after severe illness in the late 1930s.

When Elizabeth was four, her mother gave birth to the second daughter, Margaret Rose. Princess Margaret caused the whole royal family more headache than Elizabeth ever did. She started smoking heavily at the age of 15 and later developed a severe drinking problem. She died after the second stroke in 2002 and her ashes were placed in St. George’s Chapel, next to the remains of her ancestors. Elizabeth received education at home, supervised by her governess Marion Crawford, and her mother. Her lessons concentrated on literature, language, history and music. To the great dismay of the royals, after her retirement their former governess published a biography of Margaret’s and Elizabeth’s childhood years, The Little Princess. The reasons for this move are not hard to guess- Crawford tried to use Queen Elizabeth net worth and fame to improve her own financial stance.

But what is the exact Queen Elizabeth net worth? This is the question nobody is able to answer without a shadow of doubt. In 2010 an influential Forbes magazine published the estimates, which claimed that the queen’s fortune amounts to no less than 500 million dollars. However, Buckingham Palace has denied such claims and called the estimates “highly overrated”. This might be actually true, having in mind that the Royal Collection, Crown Jewels and artworks, are held in trust and can’t be sold.

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