Quincy Jones net worth

Quincy Jones net worth

Net Worth: $310 Million

About Quincy Jones

Quincy Jones net worth

Quincy Jones, full name Quincy Delight Jones, is an American musician, trumpeter, record producer, composer, arranger and television director. He gained recognition back in the 1960s, writing songs together with Bob Russell. The two partners became the first African Americans to receive an Academy Award nomination for the Best Original Song, entitled “The Eyes of Love”. During his lengthy career Quincy has also earned recognition as record producer. Among his works are some of the greatest albums in 20th century, including Michael Jackson’s Thriller. As for 2013, Quincy Jones net worth is estimated at $310 million. He holds twenty seven Grammys and nearly eighteen Grammy nominations.
Quincy was born in Chicago, in a family of Sarah Frances and Quincy Delight Jones Sr. His mother was a well educated woman, bank executive and apartment complex manager. Unfortunately, she suffered from a serious mental disease, schizophrenia. Quincy’s father was an athlete, semi-professional basketball player. It is impossible to say due to the lack of talent, skill or sheer luck, he never made it to the major league and his fortune never came close to Quincy Jones net worth.

In order to support his family Quincy Sr. took an additional job as a carpenter. When the future millionaire was 14, he met a fellow musician Ray Charles. For those few who have heard little about this man, Charles is soul and blues music legend, widely considered to be one of the greatest musicians of 20th century. Despite that, by the time of his death in 2004, Ray’s fortune was significantly inferior to Quincy Jones net worth. He owned capital and assets evaluated at $100 million.
Quincy’s professional career started in the 1950s, when he started touring with a band Dizzy Gillespie. During the last years of the decade Jones studied composition in Paris and travelled back and forth through the old continent with various jazz bands and orchestras. In mid 1960s Quincy started working as an executive producer at Mercury Records. Around the same period he started composing music for the movies. His first film score was for The Pawnbroker, Sidney Lumet’s movie starring Brock Peters, Geraldine Fitzgerald and Rod Steger. Following the success of this project Jones worked on the number of soundtracks, including the ones for the movies In Cold Blood, Walk, Don’t Run, A Dandy in Aspic, Mellow Madness and Body Heat.
Each of the film scores he made contributed to the raise of his fortune, however, what actually boosted Quincy Jones net worth was his cooperation with the greatest musicians of 20th century. As we have already mentioned, Jones has produced some of the greatest M. Jackson’s albums, such as Bad, Of the Wall and Thriller. He has also worked on Frank Sinatra’s albums It Might as Well Be Swing and L.A. Is My Lady.

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quincy jones net worth quincy jones net worth

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