R Kelly net worth

R Kelly net worth

Net Worth: $150 Million

About R Kelly

R Kelly net worth

R. Kelly, full name Robert Sylvester Kelly, is a popular record producer, singer and songwriter. Born in Chicago, Kelly is considered to be one of the most influential figures in R&B. He is widely recognized for the singles like “I believe I Can Fly”, “If I Could Turn Back the Hands of Time”, “Gotham City” and “Your Body’s Callin”. R. Kelly net worth is currently estimated at $150 million. During his career Kelly has worked and recorded together with top stars like Quincy Jones, Whitney Houston, Toni Braxton, Janet Jackson, Ciara, Marry J. Blige, Celine Dion, Usher and many others.
Kelly grew up in Illinois with three siblings. His father walked on his wife and kids when Kelly was still a toddler, thus Kelly’s single mother had to support all of their children alone. As Kelly recalls, she had a wonderful voice and was deeply religious. Kelly, her third son, inherited this talent, thus she took him to join the church choir. The second encouragement to dedicate his life for music came from Roberts’s music teacher in high school, Lena McLin. She has talked Kelly into participating in the school talent show with a Stevie Wonder song “Ribbon in the Sky”.

The path that Kelly started that night eventually led him to international fame and boosted R. Kelly net worth to millions of dollars. But this success did not come in a day.
Before he earned recognition, Kelly used to sing in the streets and metro stations. His first success came in 1991, when Kelly along with his two friends appeared in Big Break, a popular television talent show. Three teenagers won the grand prize of $100 thousand. This was the first big input to R. Kelly net worth. Kelly’s debut solo album was released in 1993 and became a great commercial and critical success. A few singles from this first CD, entitled Play 12, were certified Gold by Recording Industries Association of America. Since his debut to the present day Kelly has released ten more studio albums, each of which added a solid sum to his fortunes. His next album, Black Panties is scheduled to be finished by the end of 2013.
Unfortunately, R. Kelly net worth did not secure happiness to his family. In 2009, after almost thirteen years together, R. Kelly announced that he is getting separated with his wife Andrea Kelly. Andrea is a former dancer at Kelly’s performances and a mother of his three children, daughters Joann, Jaya and the son Robert Junior. It seems like an early success also damaged his education. Kelly has recently admitted that even his reading skills a very poor and he only got through the middle school because of his sports skills.

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R. Kelly net worth R. Kelly net worth

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