Rachel Bilson net worth

Rachel Bilson net worth

Net Worth: $24 Million

About Rachel Bilson

Rachel Bilson net worth

Rachel Bilson is a well known name in acting industry. It has been claimed that the overall sum of Rachel Bilson net worth reaches 24 million dollars. Some part of her net worth has also been accumulated due to her involvement into modelling, since she is also known as a fashion model. Therefore, these two mentioned sources have added a lot of financial success to the total amount of Rachel Bilson net worth.

Rachel Bilson was raised in a family, where a lot of members were involved into show business. In 2003, Rachel Bilson debuted as a TV star. She soon became famous due to her appearances on the TV series called “The O.C.”, where she was chosen for a role of Summer Roberts. The show also increased the total estimate of Rachel Bilson net worth a lot. In 2006, Rachel Bilson for the first time appeared in a movie and it was in the film called “The Last Kiss”. Two years later, she was chosen for a role in the film called “Jumper”. One of her most recent appearances has been appearing in the TV series called “Hart of Dixie”, where she is portraying a role of Dr. Zoe Hart.

Rachel Bilson was born in 1981 in Los Angeles. Rachel Bilson’s father is also known to be involved into show business, as his father was, as well. Rachel Bilson’s father is Danny Bilson, who is a director, producer and writer. When she was 9 years old, her parents separated.

When she was 16 years old, Rachel Bilson and a couple of her friends were involved into a car crash accident and as a result she stayed in coma for a few days. Also, up to this day, Rachel Bilson is known to have side effects of memory loss and migraine. Rachel Bilson also stated that due to this accident, her view to life changed and she avoided getting into troubles after that. Also, because of it, Rachel Bilson found new interests, such as she learnt how to play piano.

When she was studying at Notre Dame High School, Rachel Bilson was already active in acting and she appeared in plays, such as “Once Upon a Mattress”, “Bye Bye Birdie” and “The Crucible”. Thus, with her early acting beginnings in high school, Rachel Bilson has achieved a lot in Hollywood industry and established her name as one of the most popular TV stars and it has also increased the overall sum of Rachel Bilson net worth.

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rachel bilson net worth rachel bilson net worth

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