Rachel Mcadams net worth

Rachel Mcadams net worth

Net Worth: $14 Million

About Rachel Mcadams

Rachel Mcadams net worth

Rachel McAdams is a well known actress in Hollywood, who has appeared in a couple of highest grossing movies, which became international successes. Thus, acting industry has been the one, which has added huge sums of money to Rachel McAdams net worth, which has been stated to reach 14 million dollars. She started to gain a lot of attention and media exposure when in 2004 she appeared in a popular production called “Mean Girls’. However, the movie which made her an internationally known star is “Notebook”. This film became a huge international success and it also added up a lot of revenues to the overall amount of Rachel McAdams net worth.

Since that time, Rachel McAdams has appeared in many more movies, in which she played either leading or supporting roles. Such movies are “The Time Traveler’s Wife”, “Sherlock Holmes”, “Wedding Crashers”, “Morning Glory” and many others.

Rachel McAdams was born in 1978 in Ontario, Canada. Rachel McAdams became a well known actress when she appeared in the previously mentioned movie called “Mean Girls” and at the same time she was also starring in another film, which also made her a huge star, “The Hot Chick”.

Although initially she was known as portraying harsh characters and characters with attitudes, Rachel McAdams surprised everybody with her appearance in the film “Notebook”, where she got one of the leading roles and this role was very different from the previous ones. Thus, this movie has added not only financial success to Rachel McAdams net worth, but it also made her a very great star in the acting industry. In 2005, she gained even more attention when she starred in another popular film “Wedding Crashers”.

Although Rachel McAdams got mostly success as an actress, her personal life has been a subject of rumors and topics in magazines, as well. Her most talked about relationships have been with other actors, including Ryan Gosling, with whom she appeared in the film “The Notebook”, Michael Sheen and Josh Lucas.

In addition to her appearances in comedy and romance movies, Rachel McAdams has also appeared in thrillers, such as “State of Play” and “Married Life”, and horror movies, including “Red Eye”, which was released in 2005. Thus, these genre films also increased the overall sum of Rachel McAdams net worth. Moreover, Rachel McAdams appeared in “Sherlock Holmes”, which proved to be an internationally successful blockbuster movie. She later appeared in a second part of this film called “Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows”.

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rachel mcadams net worth rachel mcadams net worth rachel mcadams net worth

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