Rafael Nadal net worth

Rafael Nadal net worth

Net Worth: $50 Million

About Rafael Nadal

Rafael Nadal net worth

Rafael Nadal Parera, often called “Rafa” Nadal, is a professional tennis player from Spain. He used to be ranked World No. 1, but as of June 2013 Nadal is down to the 5th position. During his impressive career this athlete has won a number of the most prestigious accolades. He holds an Olympic Gold medal, twelve Grand Slam Singles titles and two Wimbledon titles. Rafael has been victorious at Australian Open and US Open once and at French Open eight times. It is widely agreed that Rafa demonstrates his best game in the clay court. For this ability both his fans and colleagues consider him as the greatest clay court tennis player that has ever walked the ground. However, it would not be fair not to mention that Nadal has repeatedly proven that he is able to adapt his game to different surfaces: he has won Grand Slam titles playing on grass and hard court. As for 2013, Rafael Nadal net worth is estimated at $50 million.
Rafa was born in Manacor, in a family of Sebastian Nadal and Ana Maria Parera. His father is a successful entrepreneur, who runs several businesses: he owns window and glass company, insurance company and restaurant.

Although his fortune is lesser than Rafael Nadal net worth, Sebastian is considered to be wealthy and influential man in Manacor. Rafa is not the only member of his family, who gained worldwide fame as an athlete. Miguel Angel Nadal, his beloved uncle, is a former professional footballer, a member of Spanish national team, FC Barcelona and RCD Mallorca. Partly due to the influence of his uncle, Rafa played football all through his childhood. Until this day he does not miss a match if it’s important for Spanish national tem or his favorite club, Madrid Real.
However, his true passion is tennis. He developed the skills, which eventually boosted Rafael Nadal net worth to millions, since he was 3. Rafa’s first coach and supporter was another one of his uncles, Toni Nadal, a former professional tennis player. Since the day he stepped into the court for the first time it was obvious that Nadal has a natural talent for this game. The future millionaire won his first regional competition at the age of 8. Following this success, Toni intensified his training schedule, determined to turn Rafa into the real tennis star. Four years later Nadal won European and Spanish titles in his age category. Around this time Rafael’s father noticed that as tennis and football takes the entire of his time, his performance at school is deteriorating dramatically and made him choose between these sports. The boy chose tennis and never looked back. Judging from the current Rafael Nadal net worth, this was the right decision.

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rafael nadal net worth rafael nadal net worth

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