Ralph Carter net worth

Ralph Carter net worth

Net Worth: $1 Million

About Ralph Carter

Ralph Carter net worth

It has been stated that the total amount of Ralph Carter net worth is as high as 1 million dollars, which makes him one of the starting millionaires in show business. He has become famous all around the world because of his career as a singer and actor. He was born in New York City in 1961. Ralph Carter is well known from a couple of his appearances such as in the Broadway play called “Raisin”. In addition to his appearances on Broadway, Ralph Lauren has also appeared in some TV shows, such as in the 1970s sitcom called “Good Times”. These performances of him have also added up a lot to the total size of Ralph Carter net worth.
When he was still a little kid, he was already interested in performing arts and got his first big role in a musical called “Broadway”. The play was based on a production by Lorraine Hansberry called “A Raisin in the Sun”. His work in the play was so successful that he was even a nominee of a Tony Award for Best Supporting Actor. Ralph Carter has also appeared in two Galt MacDermot musicals. Ralph Carter continued his appearances in Broadway with his role in “Dude”, which was a success once again as he was awarded with the Drama Desk Award for Most Promising Performer.

Moreover, he also appeared in “Via Galactica”. All of these appearances not only made his name more known, but also increased the total sum of Ralph Carter net worth.
In addition to his career as an actor, Ralph Carter is also known for his involvement into music, which is another important source of his fame as well as of Ralph Carter net worth. In the middle of the 1970s, his first solo album was released, which was called “When you’re Young and In Love”. A couple of singles were released, which became popular in clubs, such as “Extra Extra”.
Ralph Carter became even more known when he appeared on the sitcom called “Good Times”, where he got the role of Michael Evans. This show has also added up to the total amount of Ralph Carter net worth. Ralph Carter, as a cast member of this show, appeared during the BET Awards with the rest of his cast mates, including Bern Nadette, Janet Jackson and Jimmie Walker. Thus, his work as an actor made him very well known.

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ralph carter net worth ralph carter net worth

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