Ralph Lauren net worth

Ralph Lauren net worth

Net Worth: $7.5 Billion

About Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren net worth

Ralph Lauren is known as one of the most successful and talented fashion designers, who are known all around the world. It has been stated that the estimate of Ralph Lauren net worth reaches 7.5 billion dollars, which proves that he is one of the richest, as well.

When he finished high school, Ralph Lauren became a student at the Baruch College in New York, where he was studying business. However, he did not complete his degree and did not graduate because he decided to drop out of it in order to sell men’s clothing. Some time later, Ralph Lauren started to design and sell his own made men’s wear and also later he included a line for women, as well, which increased Ralph Lauren net worth a lot.

Currently, it has been known that Ralph Lauren is the owner of 35 boutique stores located in different parts of the United States. He has accumulated his huge net worth through his involvement in fashion industry and his clothing lines, which are being sold quite well all around the world, especially the one called Polo Ralph Lauren.

In fact, the real name of the designer is known to be Ralph Lifshitz, however, he decided to rename it to Lauren in order to avoid connotations in English of the second part of his surname.

However, many people believed that he changed his surname in order to avoid and escape his Jewish origins. Also, Ralph Lauren admitted that while growing up, he used to be teased a lot because of his surname. His cousins in California changed their surnames to Lawrence and Ralph Lauren decided to change it as well.

Talking more about his clothing line Polo, the first variants of it were released in the early seventies, when he designed a t-shit line for women under the sing of Polo Ralph Lauren. The line became so popular that today it is known all around the world and the sales of it increase the total estimate of Ralph Lauren net worth by a mile.

The idea about polo t-shirts was created by Ralph Lauren, when he decided to make a line of women t-shirts, which would look a lot like t-shirts for men. This innovative approach proved to be successful and from the beginning of its release, Ralph Lauren started to get a lot of attention and also financial success. Thus, it is no wonder that Polo Ralph Lauren clothing line is one of the main sources of Ralph Lauren net worth.

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ralph lauren net worth ralph lauren net worth

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