Ralph Waite net worth

Ralph Waite net worth

Net Worth: $2 Million

About Ralph Waite

Ralph Waite net worth

Ralph Waite was a popular actor and voice artist. He was also a political activist. These involvements have added up a lot to the total amount of Ralph Waite net worth, which reaches as much as 2 million dollars. He was born in 1928 and passed away in 2014.
Ralph Waite is mostly known for his appearances as John Walton, Sr. in the production called “The Waltons”. In addition to appearing on it, he also directed it occasionally. The series also served as one of the main sources of increasing the overall estimate of Ralph Waite net worth. In addition, he appeared as a guest on many other TV productions, which made his name even more known. The last role which he got before passing away was as a recurring role of Jackson Gibbs in the series called “NCIS”.
The actor was born in 1928 in White Plains, New York. He was born in a big family as he was the oldest of five kids. In the period of 1946-1948, Ralph Waite was serving in the U.S. Marine Corps. He is a graduate of Bucknell University in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania. After graduation, he worked as a social worker for a short period of time.

He continued his education at Yale University Divinity School, from which he earned his Master’s degree. Before he started his acting career, which became the main source of the overall size of Ralph Waite net worth, he was an ordained Presbyterian minister and religious editor at Harper & Row in New York City.
In 1963, Ralph Waite belonged to the Peninsula Players summer theater program. The first time he appeared on a Broadway stage was when he was chosen for a role in the play called “Blues for Mister Charlie”. In the 1960s, Ralph Waite appeared in many other Broadway plays as well as off-Broadway productions. His stage work has made his name more known and increased the total sum of Ralph Waite net worth.
In addition to his stage appearances, Ralph Waite appeared in some films, such as “The Stone Killer”, “Cool Hand Luke”, “Chato’s Land”, “Five Easy Pieces”, “The Grissom Gang” and “Lawman”. The latest films in his career included “Cliffhanger” and “The Bodyguard”. In 1995, Ralph Waite became even more recognized when he created the character named Will Kidder in the play called “The Young Man from Atlanta”, which became a winner of the Pulitzer Prize.
In addition to his career, Ralph Waite’s personal life was also known. He was married three times, with two of his marriages ending in divorce. From his first marriage, he was a father of three girls. His daughter named Sharon died because of leukemia when she was 9 years old. One of Ralph Waite’s stepsons, Liam Waite, is also an actor. In 2010, Ralph Waite became a member of Spirit of the Desert Presbyterian Fellowship in Palm Desert, California. Thus, he was a religious man, as well. He was also interested in politics. When he was 85 years old, Ralph Waite died peacefully in Palm Desert, California because of his age-related illness.

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