Randy Travis net worth

Randy Travis net worth

Net Worth: $5 Million

About Randy Travis

Randy Travis net worth

Randy Travis is one of the most well known names in the country music industry. His involvement in it has led to Randy Travis net worth reaching 5 million dollars. In addition to being a successful country music singer, he is also known as a songwriter and an actor. Since his career in 1985, Randy Travis has achieved a lot. He has released 20 studio albums, sales of which contributed a lot to increasing the overall amount of Randy Travis net worth.

In addition to that, Randy Travis has recorded 50 singles, which landed in the Top 40 of Billboard Hot Country Music chart. 16 out of these 50 hits landed in the top of this chart, as well. In the country music industry, Randy Travis is usually considered to be a pivotal figure.

Randy Travis got to be known with the release of his first album called “Storms of Life”. More than 4 million copies of this album were sold. This album was also the one, which made Randy Travis an inseparable part of the Neo-traditional country music movement. After the release of this album, Randy Travis continued to release successful albums, which usually reached platinum or multi-platinum certifications.

However, in the middle of 1990s, Randy Travis experienced quite a decline in charts. Therefore, in 1997, he stopped working with his label Warner Bros Records and switched to DreamWorks Records. Also, his interest in music shifted, as well. He got interested more into gospel music than country. This shift also resulted into Randy Travis recording only one country music hit, which hit the top, which was “Three Wooden Crosses”.

However, because of his involvement into gospel music, he got quite a lot of awards, including Dove Awards for categories, such as the Best Album of the Year. Therefore, his shift to gospel music also increased the total sum of Randy Travis net worth.

In addition to being a successful singer, Randy Travis is also known as an actor. He has appeared in a variety of film productions, such as “The Rainmaker”, in which he appeared with Matt Damon, “Texas Rangers” in which he starred alongside James Van Der Beek and “Black Dog”, in which was casted with Patrick Swayze. In addition, he is known as a TV series star with appearing in the production called “Touched by an Angel”. Therefore, being a TV and film star also is a vital source of Randy Travis net worth.

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