Ray William Johnson net worth

Ray William Johnson net worth

Net Worth: $5 Million

About Ray William Johnson

Ray William Johnson net worth

Ray William Johnson is known as one of the most successful comedians from his generation, which could be proven by the fact that Ray William Johnson net worth reaches 5 million dollars. The main source of his net worth is regarded to be his popular channel on Youtube. His channel is one of those on Youtube, which has the largest number of subscribers.

Ray William Johnson Youtube channel is being followed by 4.7 million people from all around the world and his videos have been watched more than 1.3 billion times. In 2011, it was stated that in the list of the Top 20 most watched videos of the month 7 videos were from Ray William Johnson channel. Thus, it is no surprise that his Youtube channel is considered to be the main source of Ray William Johnson net worth.

Before getting involved into making videos, Ray William Johnson was a student at Columbia University, where he was studying law. When he began watching videos of Youtube, Ray William Johnson noticed that people connect Youtube in order to watch viral videos or videos made by bloggers, thus he decided to create his own video show called “Equals Three”.

The show combined two popular video styles.

In 2001, Ray William Johnson began a new channel on Youtube, which he called “YourFavoriteMartian”. The channel included videos, which were animated music clips. The songs performed are created by Ray William Johnson himself and the performers of them are fictional bands, also created by Ray William Johnson. The channel has many subscribers and is known as another source of Ray William Johnson net worth. The cartoon characters, which usually perform during these songs, are Puff Puff Humbert who is the leading singer of the band, DeeJay who is the DJ, Benatar who plays guitar and keyboard and Axel Chains who plays the drums.

Also, Ray William Johnson began running a daily video show called “Breaking NYC”. Till 2010, while living in New York, he was creating these videos every day. When he moved to Los Angeles, he took a break for one year and began getting involved into making videos again. He created new series called “The Adventures of Puff Puff” and “Breaking Los Angeles”. Every Friday a new video is uploaded, which is filmed in Los Angeles. Thus, it is another source of the current Ray William Johnson net worth, which today reaches 5 million dollars.

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