Rebbie Jackson net worth

Rebbie Jackson net worth

Net Worth: $2.5 Million

About Rebbie Jackson

Rebbie Jackson net worth

Rebbie Jackson is a member of one of the most well known families in music industry, the Jacksons. It has been reported that the overall amount of Rebbie Jackson net worth today reaches a sum of 2.5 million dollars. In the family, Rebbie Jackson is the oldest kid. The musically talented kids of the family were raised in Gary Indiana, including Rebbie Jackson. As a member of the band created by her father, “Jackson 5”, Rebbie Jackson performed on stages in various events. She appeared in Las Vegas, Nevada, where the band performed at the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino. As a part of the family, Rebbie Jackson also starred in a TV show about the family, called “The Jacksons”. Therefore, her appearances on TV have also added to the overall size of Rebbie Jackson net worth.

In 1984, she debuted as a solo act with the release of her album called “Centipede”. She started her solo career when she was 34 years old. In the album, Rebbie Jackson performed songs written by other artists, such as her younger brother, Michael Jackson, as well as Prince and Smokey Robinson.

In 1986, Rebbie Jackson released a second album which was titled “Reaction”.

Two years later, a third album of the singer was released, which was called “R U Tuff Enuff”. The sales of these albums also added to the total amount of Rebbie Jackson net worth.

After the release of her third album, Rebbie Jackson stopped her career in music for ten years. In 1998, Rebbie Jackson made a comeback into the industry, and in that year she released her comeback album, called “Yours Faithfully”. In the album, a lot of productions with other artists were included, such as with Eliot Kennedy and Keith Thomas. Also, her kids contributed to singing some of the songs recorded on the album. The sales of her comeback album also increased the total size of Rebbie Jackson net worth.

In 2011, Rebbie Jackson organized her tour called “Pick up the Phone” The tour was important in a sense that it was dedicated for teenage people who committed suicide.

Rebbie Jackson to many people is also known for her successful singles, such as “Centipede”, which was a title of one of her albums, as well, “You Send the Rain Away”, “A Fork in the Road”, “R U Tuff Enuff”, “Yours Faithfully”, the two latter singles also being the titles of her albums.

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