Rebel Wilson net worth

Rebel Wilson net worth

Net Worth: $2.5 Million

About Rebel Wilson

Rebel Wilson net worth

Rebel Wilson is a well known actress. She is also regarded as one of the millionaires in this industry, since the current sum of Rebel Wilson net worth has been estimated to reach 2.5 million dollars. In addition to her career as an actress, she is also known as a comedian, writer and entrepreneur and these involvements also added up to the overall size of Rebel Wilson net worth.

In 2003, she started to gain more and more attention when in that year she started appearing in the TV show called “Pizza”. Also, she strengthened her positions on TV with her appearances in another show, that being “The Wedge”. In 2008, Rebel Wilson also became a star due to her appearances on a musical show called “Bogan Pride”. In addition to starring in it, Rebel Wilson also worked in creation of this show, as she was serving as a producer and writer of it. Thus, this show also increased the overall amount of Rebel Wilson net worth.

It is also known that these series were broadcasted in Australia originally, since she is also known as an Australian actress. When she moved to the United States, Rebel Wilson continued her career into acting.

One of her first roles there was in the film called “Bridesmaids”, where she portrayed a role of Brynn. As a comedian, she also appeared in a couple of other productions, such as “What to Expect when You Are Expecting”, “A Few Best Men” and “Struck by Lighting”. Thus, these appearances of her also added up a lot of financial success to the overall size of Rebel Wilson net worth. Also, because of her appearances in them, Rebel Wilson’s name was included in the list of the Top Ten Comics to Watch for 2011, which was compiled by “Variety”.

Other movies for which she is also known are “Pitch Perfect’, where she portrayed a role of Fat Amy and because of her appearance in it she got a few award nominations. Also, Rebel Wilson starred in a film called “Bachelorette”, where she appeared as Becky. These appearances also led to an increase in her net worth. In 2013, Rebel Wilson strengthened her position as a creator of a comedian show when her new show called “Super Fun Night” began airing. In addition to creating this show, she has also appeared in it. Therefore, being a comedian also added up to her overall fame.

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