Reggie Bush net worth

Reggie Bush net worth

Net Worth: $14 Million

About Reggie Bush

Reggie Bush net worth

Reginald Alfred Bush, better known as Reggie Bush, is an American footballer, currently playing for National Football League team Detroit Lions. He gained recognition as the best college running back while studying at the University of California. In 2006 Reggie was drafted by New Orleans Saints, the team that won a Super Bowl title in 2010. During his career Bush has earned numerous accolades, including Walter Camp Award, three Offensive Player of the Week, All-Pack-10 Newcomer of the Year, two Consensus All-American, SN College Player of the Year and USA Today All-Joe Team titles. He also holds one of the most prestigious individual awards in the world, Heisman Trophy. As for 2013, Reggie Bush net worth is estimated at $14 millions.

Reggie was born in San Diego, in 1985, and named after his father. Reginald Alfred Bush senior was also a talented football player, but did not manage to make it into the professional league and his fortune never came close to Reggie Bush net worth. After graduation from high school Bush enrolled at the University of California, where he studied on athletic scholarship.

He started playing for USC Trojans in 2003 and stayed in California right until 2005. Peter Carroll, head coach of USC Trojans, was quick to realize that Reggie is nearly equally effective in catching, carrying, returning ant throwing the ball. During this period he earned All-Pack-10 Newcomer of the Year, two Consensus All-American and SN, AP College Player of the Year awards.

Reggie Bush net worth growth shifted to the higher gear in 2006, when after being missed on the first draft Reginald was chosen by one of the strongest teams on NFL, New Orleans Saints. This was unexpected: every sports commentator believed that the best college player will be picked on the first draft, by Houston Texans. The fact that he was free for New Oleanders Saints caused an outburst of enthusiasm among their fans. During the week after signing Saints signed Bush, Reebok, a subsidiary of German company Adidas, announced having received more than 15 thousand orders for Reggie’s Saints jersey.

Bush has officially requested National Football League competition committee to allow him wearing No. 5, but his request was denied, because NFL regulations requires running backs would wear a jersey marked 20-49. Reggie tried to change the committee’s mind by pledging to donate a few millions to Huricaine Katherine victims, if he’s allowed to wear his lucky number, but NFL refused to go into any compromises. Despite that, a good bulk of Reggie Bush net worth ended up in the budget of various charities, as the athlete decided to make a contribution to rebuilding destroyed neighborhoods. Reginald stayed in New Orleans until 2013, when he was signed by another NFL team, Detroit Lions

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