Reggie Jackson net worth

Reggie Jackson net worth

Net Worth: $15 Million

About Reggie Jackson

Reggie Jackson net worth

It has been announced that the total size of Reggie Jackson net worth is as much as 15 million dollars. Reggie Jackson has earned his fame and wealth because of his involvement into baseball. However, currently he is no longer playing this sport professionally. When he was playing it, Reggie Jackson was in the position of a right fielder. Reggie Jackson was playing in the Major League Baseball, where overall he belonged to five teams. He played there for 21 seasons and during this time there is no doubt that Reggie Jackson net worth increased by a mile. He belonged to the league in the period of 1967-1987.

The baseball player was born in Pennsylvania in 1946. In 1964 he graduated from Cheltenham High School. While studying there, he was great in playing not only baseball, but also basketball, football and track and field. Because of his successful involvement into football, he was scouted by many different universities from Oklahoma, Georgia and Alabama. Talking about his involvement into baseball, Reggie Jackson was noticed by Hans Lobert who belongs to the San Francisco Giants. In addition to this team, Reggie Jackson was also offered a position to play in other teams, such as the Minnesota Twins, The Los Angeles Dodgers and the Philadelphia Phillies.

However, when it comes to his decision, Reggie Jackson made up his mind to study at Arizona State University, where he was offered a football scholarship. However, after his freshman year finished, Reggie Jackson changed his focus and started to play baseball. He decided to change his focus when he was motivated by Bobby Winkles, who is a baseball coach. Eventually, playing baseball made his name popular and also increased the total amount of Reggie Jackson net worth.

When he graduated from the university, Reggie Jackson participated in the Major League Baseball Draft in 1966. He was picked up by the Kansas City Athletics. He played in the Minor League for one year, too. In 1967, he began to play in the Major League. Since that time, Reggie Jackson has enjoyed a splendid career in baseball which not only made him richer but also popular. He was named an All Star player 14 times. Also, he became a winner of Silver Slugger award a couple of times. He was titled as the MVP two times, too. Thus, his involvement into baseball not only increased Reggie Jackson net worth, but it also earned him some awards and titles.

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