Regis Philbin net worth

Regis Philbin net worth

Net Worth: $90 Million

About Regis Philbin

Regis Philbin net worth

Regis Philbin, full name Regis Francis Xavier Philbin, is an American television personality, singer and actor, best known as the host of numerous television game and talk shows. His name is written in the Guinness Book of Records for the longest time spent in front of TV cameras. Due to this fact Regis is somewhat ironically called “the hardest working man in show business”. His most popular programs include Million Dollar Password, Live! With Regis and Kelly, America’s Got Talent and Who Wants to be a Millionaire. Philbin’s most characteristic features are his wit and strong Bronx accent. Regis Philbin net worth is currently estimated at $90 million dollars.

Regis was born in Bronx, in a family of Francis and Filomena Philbin. His father was a U.S. marine and spent most of the time away from the family, serving in the Pacific. Meanwhile, his mother was at home, taking care of their children. In 2007 his audience learned that Regis had a brother named Frank, who preferred to remain away from the media and thus asked Philbin not to mention him on TV. Of course, Regis had promised to respect his privacy and did not mention Frank right until his death.

The legend goes that Francis named his son Regis because he wanted him to attend Regis High School, which he deemed to be the best place to get a formal education.

As a teenager Regis attended Cardinal Hayes High School and went on to study in University of Notre Dame. In 1953 he graduated holding a degree in sociology. Regis Philbin net worth started to when he got his own show on KOGO-TV. The Regis Philbin Show was a low budget program and the channel couldn’t even afford hiring a professional writing stuff. To fill in some time Philbin used to start every translation by chatting with his live audience, telling them fun stories that happen through the day. This segment of the show later became his hallmark and Regis continued to hold a “host chat” for years to come.

In 1964 Regis started hosting Westinghouse Tonight Show from Hollywood. Despite his best efforts, the audience did not except him and the rating of the show fell with every new broadcast. Needless to say this venture did not result in a significant increase in Regis Philbin net worth. His career finally took off in mid 1970s, when Philbin was offered to co-host a little known morning talk show A.M Los Angeles. Unlike his previous audience, the citizens of Los Angeles appreciated Regis wit and charm. Soon the ratings of A.M. Los Angeles reached the top of the chart, accordingly boosting Regis Philbin net worth. By the end of the 80s Regis was a nationwide media star and one of the most popular hosts in show business.

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