Renee Zellweger net worth

Renee Zellweger net worth

Net Worth: $45 Million

About Renee Zellweger

Renee Zellweger net worth

Renee Zellweger is one of the most well known actresses not only for American, but also for international audiences. It has been claimed that the total sum of Renee Zellweger net worth is 45 million dollars. In addition to being an actress, she is also known as a producer. In 1996, Renee Zellweger became known because of her role in a movie called “Jerry Maguire”. Since that time, she has appeared in many more productions, which also added up to her popularity as well as her financial status, which today reaches a huge sum.

Probably the role which made her an international star has been in a movie called “Bridget Jones’ Diary”, where she portrayed the main role. The movie became a huge international success and it also increased the overall amount of Renee Zellweger net worth. In 2002, Renee Zellweger also starred in a musical called “Chicago”, which also became a huge international success. In 2003, Renee Zellweger got one of the main roles in a movie called “Cold Mountain”. For her appearance in it, she was awarded with the Academy Award, as well.

Her involvement into cinema industry has been awarded and recognized, too.

Renee Zellweger was named as Hasty Pudding’s Woman of the Year of 2009. In addition to this, she has become a winner of numerous awards, such as three Golden Globes, three SAGAs, an Academy Award and a BAFTA award. In 2007, it was also claimed that Renee Zellweger was one of the highest earning actresses in the industry. Today, it can also be proven by the fact that Renee Zellweger net worth reaches a high sum of 45 million dollars.

Renee Zellweger was born in Texas in 1969. When she was a student at high school, Renee Zellweger was interested more into sports than acting. She was active in basketball, football, baseball and soccer. She was also a part of her cheerleading squad. In addition to sports, Renee Zellweger was also a member of her drama club as well as speech team.

When she graduated from high school, Renee Zellweger chose to study the English language at the University of Texas. She took drama classes because she needed more credits and eventually she became interested into acting more than in any other subject. In 1992, she appeared in one of her first productions, called “A Taste of Killing”. Since that time, she has established her name as one of the most successful ones in Hollywood, which has also increased the overall size of Renee Zellweger net worth.

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