Ricardo Montalban net worth

Ricardo Montalban net worth

Net Worth: $10 Million

About Ricardo Montalban

Ricardo Montalban net worth

Ricardo Montalban was a successful Mexican actor, who was born in 1920 and passed away in 2009. Acting served as the main source of increasing the overall estimate of Ricardo Montalban net worth, which has been claimed to be as high as 10 million dollars.
He was involved in acting for seven decades. During that time, Ricardo Montalban played a lot of different roles in various productions. In the 1970s, his name became recognized from automobile advertisements for Chrysler.
Ricardo Montalban later became known for his TV roles and film appearances, which also increased the overall amount of Ricardo Montalban net worth. In 1977, the actor was chosen to play the role of Mr. Roarke in the TV series called “Fantasy Island”, in which he was appearing until 1984. Ricardo Montalban can also be remembered for his role as Khan Noonien Singh, which he portrayed in the original Star Trek series. Also, he played this role in the film released in 1982 called “Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan”. In 1978, Ricardo Montalban was appearing in the miniseries called “How the West Was Won”. For his role in it, he was awarded an Emmy Award.

In 1993, the actor was presented with a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Screen Actors Guild. Therefore, his career not only increased the overall size of Ricardo Montalban net worth, but also earned him recognition and awards.
In his later career, Ricardo Montalban focused on his work as a voice artist and appeared as such in TV commercials and animated productions. He also played the role of Grandfather Valentin in the films of “Spy Kids”. Thus, this work also increased the overall sum of Ricardo Montalban net worth.
The actor was born in Mexico City in 1920. He was raised in Torreon. Both of his parents were Spanish immigrants. Ricardo Montalban was raised with two brothers and one sister. When he became a teenager, he moved to Los Angeles to live with one of his brothers, Carlos. In 1940, they both moved to New York City. There, Ricardo Montalban soon got a role in the stage production called “Her Cardboard Lover”.
In 1941, he was chosen for the leading part in the play called “He’s a Latin from Staten Island”. In the same year, he returned to Mexico, where he appeared in many Spanish productions and became a star in his country. In 1943, Ricardo Montalban moved to Hollywood, where many studios wanted to make him sound more international and change his name to Ricky Martin.
In 1949, he had a leading part in the film noir called “Border Incident”. In 1949 as well, the actor appeared on the cover of Life magazine and became the first Hispanic actor to be featured on its cover. Later, he appeared in a lot of Westerns as a character role. Mostly, he portrayed Latin lovers or Native American people. In 1950, Ricardo Montalban appeared in another film noir called “Mystery Street”. In the period of 1957-1959, Ricardo Montalban was appearing on stage in the Broadway musical called “Jamaica”.

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