Richard Branson net worth

Richard Branson net worth

Net Worth: $4.6 Billion

About Richard Branson

Richard Branson net worth

Richard Branson is known as one of the wealthiest CEOs in the music and entertainment industry. It has been claimed officially that Richard Branson net worth reaches 4.6 billion dollars. He has accumulated such a huge amount of money through his managing the company called Virgin Group, which is the main source of his net worth. In addition to being popular because of being one of the richest people in the industry and because of owning a popular business worldwide, Richard Branson is also known because of his eccentric personality and daredevil activities.

Richard Branson is involved in a lot of businesses, including various Virgin lines, such as Virgin Megastores, Virgin Airways, Virgin Mobile and the most recent involvement Virgin Galactic. All these businesses add a lot of financial success to Richard Branson net worth. Also, Richard Branson is known as a TV star. He has appeared in various films as well as TV shows, where he usually portrays himself.

Richard Branson started getting involved into business while he was still studying at school. At that time he was selling records at a lower price than in music stores.

He also used to advertise his selling records in The Student Magazine. In early 70s, Richard Branson established his first shop of records, which was the beginning of the Virgin Records, the store, which is known today worldwide and which added a lot of financial success to Richard Branson net worth.

Later, he decided to expand his business even more with renting a place which he turned into recording studio, which he again rented to various musicians to record their albums. Virgin Records started to sign contract deals with rising artists, one of them being Mike Oldfield. The musician’s album called “Tubular Bells” was released in 1973 under the label of Virgin Records and the album became an immense hit. Seeing how successfully the label worked, more and more artists wanted to be sign to it, such as Sex Pistols and Culture Club.

Getting more and more success, Richard Branson considered the fact that expanding his business might become even more successful. Thus, he established other business ventures, including Virgin Airways, which were subdivided into Virgin Nigeria, Virgin America, Virgin Atlantic and Virgin Express. In 2006, Virgin Group was merged with the British company NTL, which formed Virgin Media. Thus, the brand became known overseas, in Europe and elsewhere, which also increased Richard Brunson net worth a lot.

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richard branson net worth richard branson net worth richard branson net worth

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