Richard Marx net worth

Richard Marx net worth

Net Worth: $18 Million

About Richard Marx

Richard Marx net worth

It has been claimed that the overall amount of Richard Marx net worth reaches as high as 18 million dollars. Richard Marx has earned his net worth because of his career as a singer, song writer and record producer. Thus, it has been mainly to his work in music that his name is so well known today. In fact, he is also considered as one of the richest musicians, as Richard Marx net worth shows. The musician was born in Chicago, Illinois in 1963. More than 30 million copies of his albums have been sold and such high sales have also added up a lot to the total sum of Richard Marx net worth.
His first album became quite a success, thus he was off to a good start. The album was named “Richard Marx” and it landed in the 8th place in charts. Four singles from the album were released which landed in the top 5. One song even landed in the top of the charts, called “Hold on to the Nights”. In addition for his song called “Don’t Mean Nothing”, Richard Marx was nominated for a Grammy award in the Best Rock Vocal Performance-Male category.
In 1989 he released his second album which proved to be even more successful, called “Repeat Offender”.

The album landed in the 1st place in charts. The album was certified as platinum a couple of times, as well. Two singles from the album were also released which landed in the 1st place in charts, those being “Satisfied” and “Right Here Waiting”. Thus, the sales of his albums for sure have added up a lot to his popularity as well as to the overall size of Richard Marx net worth.
His two subsequent albums were certified platinum, as well, those being called “Rush Street” and “Paid Vacation”. Up till this day, Richard Marx is considered as the only male artist in history to have his first seven singles reach the Top 5 on the Billboard charts. 14 songs of Richard Marx have landed in the 1st place, both as a singer and song writer.
In 2010, Richard Marx released an album called “Stories to Tell”. From this album, a single was released called “When You Loved Me” which landed in the Top 20. Before he became such a success in music, Richard Marx was working as a backing singer for some acts, such as Whitney Houston and Madonna.

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richard marx net worth richard marx net worth

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