Richard Thomas net worth

Richard Thomas net worth

Net Worth: $2 Million

About Richard Thomas

Richard Thomas net worth

It has been announced that the total size of Richard Thomas net worth is as high as 2 million dollars, as of right now. Richard Thomas is well known for his career as an actor. Richard Thomas got the leading role in the CBS series called “The Waltons”, where he portrayed the character of John-Boy Walton. For his work on these series, Richard Thomas became a winner of one Emmy award. Moreover, he was nominated for one more Emmy and two Golden Globe awards. Thus, his work on this show made his name quite well known and also increased the overall size of Richard Thomas net worth, in addition to earning him praise and recognition.
The actor was born in 1951 in Manhattan. Both of his parents were involved into show business as they were dancers. His parents were the owners of the New York School of Ballet. Richard Thomas was a student at The Allen Stevenson School and later he also attended the McBurney School in Manhattan. When Richard Thomas was only 7 years old, he debuted on a Broadway stage when he appeared in a play called “Sunrise at Campobello” in 1958.
After this performance, Richard Thomas started to appear in TV productions.

In 1959, he appeared in “A Doll’s House”. After that, he was chosen for some daytime TV shows, such as “As the World Turns”, “The Edge of Night” and some others. In 1969, he got his first major role in film, which was in “Winning”. In the same year, he appeared in one more film called “Last Summer”.
In the 1970s, he became a huge national star when he got the role in the TV series called “The Waltons”. Overall he appeared in 122 episodes of this show. He left the show in 1977 and then his role was given to Robert Wightman. Richard Thomas also appeared in three movies based on “The Waltons”. In 1973, for his role in these series, Richard Thomas was awarded with an Emmy Award for Best Actor in a Dramatic Series. Thus, his work in “The Waltons” has also increased the overall amount of Richard Thomas net worth.
Richard Thomas’ most latest appearances include the TV shows “White Collar”, “The Good Wife”, “Law and Order: Special Victims Unit” and “The Americans”. Thus, Richard Thomas is most known for his work as an actor from TV and this involvement has also added up to the total size of Richard Thomas net worth.

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richard thomas net worth richard thomas net worth

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