Rick Fox net worth

Rick Fox net worth

Net Worth: $20 Million

About Rick Fox

Rick Fox net worth

Rick Fox today is a well known Canadian actor, who has appeared in quite a lot of TV shows and series. This has also been the main source of Rick Fox net worth today, which has been reported to reach a sum of 20 million dollars. In addition to his career as an actor, Rick Fox is also known as a former His last team in which he played before retirement was Los Angeles Lakers, which is a team playing in the NBA. Thus, this career also has added up to the total sum of Rick Fox net worth.

Rick Fox was born in 1969 in Toronto. His mother was also involved into sports. She was a famous high jumper as well as a pent athlete. When he was still a kid, Rick Fox moved to live to Bahamas with his family. When he was studying in high school, Rick Fox was also involved into his school’s basketball team. As a professional basketball player, he began his career when he participated in the NBA Draft in 1991, when he was chosen by the Boston Celtics. Thus, this team was the first basketball team, which started to bring more and more revenues to the total amount of Rick Fox net worth.

In 1997, Rick Fox left the Boston Celtics team and joined another one, which was the Los Angeles Lakers.

His involvement into this team increased the overall estimate of Rick Fox net worth even more. During his first season of playing in this team, Rick Fox appeared in a total of 82 games. The average of points he scored in a game was equal to 12. Moreover, in addition to his playing in this team, Rick Fox also played in the FIBA Basketball World Championship in 1994, where he represented Canada.

Acting is known as another important source of Rick Fox net worth. In 1994, Rick Fox got a role in a movie called “Blue Chips”. There, he was chosen for a role of a basketball player of the Texas Western team. Two years later, he appeared in a movie called “Eddie”. There, he also appeared as a basketball player. Thus, it also shows that his abilities to play basketball led him to get roles of a basketball player in a couple of movies. In 1998, Rick Fox appeared in another movie called “He Got Game”, which was produced by Spike Lee.

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