Rick Ross net worth

Rick Ross net worth

Net Worth: $28 Million

About Rick Ross

Rick Ross net worth

It has been stated that Rick Ross net worth reaches an amount of 28 million dollars. Rick Ross is his stage name, whereas to his closest family members and friends he is also known as William Leonard Roberts II. Rick Ross is mostly known as a rapper from the United States, which is the main source of Rick Ross net worth. However, there are quite a lot of sources, which bring financial success to the net worth of the rapper.

He is also known as a record label founder, who established “Maybach Music Group”. Under this label, he also released his own studio albums, including “Deeper Than Rap” in 2009, “Teflon Don” in 2010 and “God Forgives, I Don’t” in 2012. The sales of these albums also increased the overall amount of Rick Ross net worth. In addition, Rick Ross was the first music act who was signed with the record label “Ciroc Entertainment”, which is owned by another popular person in the music industry, Diddy. In 2012, Rick Ross got a title of the Hottest MC in the Game by the music channel MTV.

Rick Ross was born in Mississippi but grew up in Florida. After graduating from high school, Rick Ross enrolled to study at the Albany State University where he was studying on his football scholarship.

Before he became involved into entertainment industry, Rick Ross was working as a correctional officer between the years 1995-1997.

His first record label to which he was signed was “Suave House Records” and later he switched to “Slip-n-Slide Records”. In 2006, the record label was bought by Def Jam and has been managed until then by it. In 2006, Rick Ross released his first album which was called “Port of Miami”. During the first week of its sales, 187 thousand copies of it were sold, which also increased the overall amount of Rick Ross net worth. The album was also expected to be the rap album of the summer of 2006. His single “Push It” also received a lot of success. The single featured the theme song of the film “Scarface”. Also, the music video for the song was modeled according to the film “Scarface”. In autumn of 2006, the album ‘Port of Miami” was certified as gold by the RIAA. In spring of 2008, Rick Ross another album was released which was called “Trilla” which also received quite a success.

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rick ross net worth rick ross net worth rick ross net worth

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