Ricki Lake net worth

Ricki Lake net worth

Net Worth: $15 Million

About Ricki Lake

Ricki Lake net worth

Ricki Lake is a well known name in Hollywood and for people who are avid TV watchers. It has been stated that the overall size of Ricki Lake net worth reaches 15 million dollars. She has accumulated such a net worth through her career as an actress, TV show host and producer. Ricki Lake is probably mostly known from her own TV show, where she was a host and which ran between the years 1993-2004. The show also made her an internationally known TV show host. Thus, as a result, it also increased the total sum of Ricki Lake net worth.

Ricki Lake was born in 1968 in New York. As an actress, Ricki Lake debuted in a popular production of “Hairspray”, where she was casted for a role of Tracy Turnblad. As being the leading character in the production, it also added up to her overall fame as well as Ricki Lake net worth. The movie was made by a director John Waters. Ricki Lake has appeared in more films produced by him, such as “Serial Mom”, “Cecil B. Demented” and “Cry Baby”. Other productions, from which Ricki Lake is also well known, are “Inside Monkey Zetterland”, “Mrs.

Winterbourne”, “Last Exit in Brooklyn”, “Cabin Boy” and “Cookie”. Thus, all these films also added up to the overall amount of Ricki Lake net worth.

In addition to her appearances in films, Ricki Lake is also known from a couple of TV shows. One of the first ones in which she has appeared is “China Beach”. Another show, from which she is also well known, is “The King of Queens”. As a guest actress, she has appeared also in a number of shows, including “King of the Hill” and “Drop Dead Diva”.

However, she became mostly known with her appearance in the show called “Ricki Lake” which was also her first talk show. The show brought a lot of international success to her, as well. The show’s format included interviews with guests and also incorporating questions from the audience. In 1993 September the first episode of the show aired and it ended in the spring of 2004.

When the show ended, Ricki Lake still stayed involved into hosting TV shows and the subsequent show in which she served as a hotst was “Gameshow Marathon”. The show was known for featuring games in which celebrities appeared. Thus, not only her career as an actress, but also hosting shows has added up to her popularity and success.

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ricki lake net worth ricki lake net worth ricki lake net worth

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