Riff Raff net worth

Riff Raff net worth

Net Worth: $750 Thousand

About Riff Raff

Riff Raff net worth

Riff Raff is known as a rising rapper in the entertainment industry. It has been announced that the current Riff Raff net worth reaches an amount of 750 thousand dollars. Riff Raff was born in Minnesota and his real name is known to be Jody Christian. Currently, he is known to be residing in Texas.

He became noticed in 2008 when he started posting his videos on MySpace and Youtube accounts. At that time, he called himself “MTV Riff Raff”. Because of his videos, Riff Raff was casted to appear in the programme which was broadcasted on the MTV channel called “From G’s to Gents”. Although he was eliminated from the show very soon and it did not increase Riff Raff net worth at all, he gathered quite a huge amount of fans.

In 2011, he signed a record deal with S.O.D. Money Gang, which began to promote the rapper. Soon, he became performing with other acts, such as rapper Simon Rex and comedian Andy Milonakis. One year later, he left the label and was signed with another record label called Diplo’s Mad Decent.

Up to date, he is still active in Youtube, where his videos have been watched more than 170 million times.

In addition, his songs and videos have received a lot of success and increased Riff Raff net worth a lot. In the autumn of 2013, it has been stated that he will release another album called “Neon Icon”.

When his parents divorced, Riff Raff had to stay with his mother and during this time, he traveled a lot before finally settling down in Texas. He has been living in Brazil, Florida and Arizona. Riff Raff did not finish high school and moved from one city to another for quite a long time and worked a variety of odd jobs, such as painting cars or cutting hair. When he thought of career as a rapper, he saw Los Angeles as the perfect place to start his career, thus he settled there.

Recently, it has been stated that Riff Raff will be collaborating with other artists such as Drake and Big Sean. Also, Drake has been known to be working with him on Riff Raff’s second album, as well as ASAP Rocky is also helping him to release it. The album is going to become a success and it will increase the total amount of Riff Raff net worth a lot.

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