Rihanna net worth

Rihanna net worth

Net Worth: $90 Million

About Rihanna

Rihanna net worth

One of the most known mega stars in the RnB music industry is considered to be Rihanna. It has also been estimated that the overall amount of Rihanna net worth reaches 90 million dollars, which also makes her one of the wealthiest RnB stars. Rihanna, who is known as Robyn Rihanna Fenty by her closest friends and family members, is from Barbados and is known not only because of being a successful singer. She is also involved into fashion industry and cinema business. In addition to her successful singing career, she is also an actress and fashion designer, which both bring financial success to the total amount of Rihanna net worth.

She started to get involved into music industry in 2003, when she was noticed by a music producer Evan Rogers, under supervision of whom Rihanna recorded her first mix tapes. Few of her recordings were sent to some record labels and eventually Rihanna got an offer to sign a contract with Def Jam Recordings. Also, before she got signed, she had to sing for Jay-Z, who liked her singing a lot and soon signed her to the previously mentioned label.

The first two albums which were recorded under the Def Jam label proved to be very successful.

These albums were called “Music of the Sun” released in 2005 and “A Girl Like Me” released one year later. Both albums landed in the Top 10 of the Billboard charts and increased the sales of them increased the overall amount of Rihanna net worth a lot. Also, her first two singles also became very successful internationally, these two being “Pon De Replay” and “SOS”.

However, it was not until her third album when Rihanna became a huge mega star in the entertainment industry. With the release of the third album “Good Girl Gone Bad” which was released in 2007 and the single “Umbrella”, Rihanna became the most known person in the music industry. Her subsequent singles also received a lot of success, these being “Take a Bow”, “Don’t Stop the Music” and “Disturbia”. The sales of these singles increased Rihanna net worth by a mile. Her album “Good Girl Gone Bad” got nine Grammy nominations, which was a huge achievement for the singer. Up to date, the album is considered to be the best selling album of the singer. Also, the single “Umbrella” won one of the Grammy awards, to which it was nominated in the category of the Best Rap Sung Collaboration.

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