Rihanna plastic surgery

Rihanna plastic surgery

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Rihanna plastic surgery

When a woman is not only extremely famous but also very beautiful, people automatically start creating various speculations about her possible plastic surgery. Recently people started talking about the possibility of Rihanna plastic surgery. This pop singer has many fans all over the world – she has sold more than 20 million albums to this day and she continues to create beautiful music.

There haven’t been many rumors about possible Rihanna plastic surgery, but only a few of them seem more likely to be true. The procedures which are mostly mentioned are rhinoplasty and breast implants. These rumors are based solely on photo comparisons and we all know that it is not very reliable source of information. Even though we can see subtle differences when comparing the photos, they are so small that it is hard to tell whether there really has been a plastic surgery or not. Also, the photos which are used for comparisons were taken in different lighting and the view angle is slightly different – it is hard to tell if there have really been changes or it is just an optical illusion.

During one of the interviews Rihanna has finally agreed to talk about her possible plastic surgery. She hasn’t denied that she has thought about getting plastic surgery, but she was too scared of ruining her appearance. It appears that she never build up enough courage to go under the knife. It is entirely possible that Rihanna is telling the truth, because the changes in her appearance were very subtle and could have happened for reasons other than plastic surgery.

The first thing that people should have in mind is that Rihanna is still a young woman and some of the changes in her appearance could have happened naturally, as a part of growing up. Also, we all know that make-up can make person’s face look slightly different. Finally, some of the photos used in those comparisons are clearly altered with photo editing programs and doesn’t show the real image.

All in all, it is hard to tell if there has been a Rihanna plastic surgery. One thing is clear – even if she did have plastic surgery, it was done very subtly and hasn’t made any drastic changes in her appearance. Most of the people would agree that Rihanna is a stunningly beautiful singer and it appears that her beauty is all natural.

Did Rihanna Undergone Plastic Surgery

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