Rita Ora net worth

Rita Ora net worth

Net Worth: $2 Million

About Rita Ora

Rita Ora net worth

More or less recently there has been a gossip circulating, that Rita Ora net worth amounts to $145. Just like us, you may have been skeptical about this “news” all the while: after all, it has not been so long since she ascended to stardom and as far as we know her ancestors weren’t the Rothschilds. And apparently, we were right not to trust these numbers: they were made up by the gossip website that we are not going to name. In reality, Rita Ora net worth is no bigger than $2 million. Well, at least for now. And how did she earn it?
The future millionaire was born in Pristina, in a Kosovo – Albanian family. Her mother was a Catholic psychiatrist, while her father was a Muslim economist and a pun owner. The real family name of her father read Sahatçiu, which means “watchmaker” in Albanian. However, upon moving to the United Kingdom, her father changed it to Ora (which is translated as “watch” or “clock”), so it would be easier to pronounce for the foreigners. Upon the time Oras left Kosovo Rita was only one year old, so she does not remember much of the life in this war-torn place.

Rita started her career in show business as an actress. In 2003 she landed her first television role and briefly appeared on the show The Brief. Much later, in 2013, she featured as a guest on yet another television series, 90210, as well as a movie Fast & Furious 6. But the most important role in her career, without doubt, was that of Christian Gray’s sister Mia on the movie adaptation of the best-selling novel by British author E. L. James, Fifty Shades of Grey. Mostly due to the success of the novel, the film experienced an amazing commercial success, grossing more than $160 million in the United States alone and another $400 million in other territories. According to Fandagio, ticket selling website, it was the fastest selling R-rated title in the site’s 15-year history, surpassing some blockbusters, such as Sex and the City 2. Meanwhile the critical response to Fifty Shades of Gray was rather negative. For example, Peter Bradshaw, a film critic who writes for The Guardian, gave the movie one start and described it as “the most purely tasteful and softcore depiction of sadomasochism in cinema history” with “strictly daytime soap” performances. For the record, there were also some positive reviews, such as the one printed in The Daily Telegraph (it called the film “sexy, funny and self-aware in every way the original book isn’t.), but they were rather scarce.
Another important source of Rita Ora net worth is music. Her best-selling record so far is the soundtrack of the movie we‘ve just discussed in a paragraph above. However, due to the success of some of her singles, such as “Love me Like You Do”, we might expect a solo studio album to be released soon!

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