River Phoenix net worth

River Phoenix net worth

Net Worth: $5 Million

About River Phoenix

River Phoenix net worth

It has been announced that the total estimate of River Phoenix net worth reaches a sum of 5 million dollars, which he has earned because of his career as an actor. In addition to his acting work, River Phoenix was involved in music and was an activist. River Phoenix was born in 1970 and passed away in 1993. He was raised with his siblings, who also became well known in show business, named Summer Phoenix, Rain Phoenix, Liberty Phoenix and Joaquin Phoenix. River Phoenix appeared in 24 films and TV productions. Because of his success, River Phoenix soon became one of the most favorite teen idols in America.
When he was 10 years old, he started to act and eventually this career became the main source of increasing the total amount of River Phoenix net worth. At first, the actor appeared in TV commercials. In 1985, he appeared in his first film, which was called “Explorers”. One year later, River Phoenix got a more important role in a film called “Stand by Me”. The film was based on a book written by Stephen King. In 1988, he got a more adult role in the film called “Running on Empty”.

His role in this film was praised and he was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor.
In 1991, he got a role of a gay hustler in the movie called “My Own Private Idaho”. For his role in this movie, the actor was a recipient of a Volpi Cup for Best Actor at the Venice Film Festival. Also, the National Society of Film Critics awarded him the Best Actor award. These films not only made him more known, but also added up to the total size of River Phoenix net worth. River Phoenix and his brother Joaquin Phoenix became the first and only brothers to be nominated for acting Academy Awards.
When he was 23 years old, River Phoenix died outside the West Hollywood nightclub The Viper Room. The cause of his death was stated to be drugs. At that time, River Phoenix was filming in a movie called “Dark Blood”, which was released in 1993.
The actor was born in 1970 in Madras, Oregon. River Phoenix grew up in Micanopy, Florida. This was also the time when the family was living in complete poverty. In order to support the family financially, River Phoenix and his siblings were performing on streets to get some money. In 1973, the whole family joined a controversial Christian new religious movement called the Children of God.
Talking about his acting work, which added up a lot of revenues to the total sum of River Phoenix net worth, he began it in some TV commercials, such as for Ocean Spray, Mitsubishi and Saks Fifth Avenue. One of the first shows in which he appeared was called “Real Kids”, where he was a warm-up performer. In 1980, River Phoenix focused on his career as an actor full time. In that year, he appeared with his sister Rain singing in the show called “Fantasy”.

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