Rob Dyrdek net worth

Rob Dyrdek net worth

Net Worth: $15 Million

About Rob Dyrdek

Rob Dyrdek net worth

Rob Dyrdek is known as one of the most popular stars from the MTV channel. It has been claimed that the overall amount of Rob Dyrdek net worth reaches 15 million dollars. He has accumulated his net worth through being a reality show star as well as an entrepreneur. Rob Dyrdek has appeared in two reality shows on the MTV channel, which both added a lot of financial success to the overall amount of his net worth, these shows being “Rob and Big” and “Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory”.

Rob Dyrdek was born in Ohio in 1978. When he was 16 years old, Rob Dyrdek escaped from home and decided to become a professional skateboarder. However, it was not until 2006 when he started to get fame. In this year, Rob Dyrdek began appearing in his TV show called “Rob and Big”, which brought a lot of revenues to the total amount of Rob Dyrdek net worth. The show lasted for three seasons, which had more than 30 episodes. The show was broadcasted till 2008.

One year later, another show of his started to be aired, which was called “Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory”. Since then, four seasons have been broadcasted with having 36 episodes.

Moreover, in the TV show some of his closest friends appeared, too, such as his bodyguard Christopher Boykin, and also Rob Dyrdek’s cousin Chris Pfaff.
Talking about Rob Dyrdek as a skateboarder, he has set 21 individual records on the Guinness World Records. Thus, skateboarding also adds up to the total amount of Rob Dyrdek net worth.

One of the most interesting things about the show is the fact that it is established in a transformed warehouse which is looking like a fantasy factory. The fantasy factory has a foam pit, skate plaza as well as Rob Dyrdek’s personal office and a garage. Also, in all complex there are many basketball hoops. During the first season of the show, Rob Dyrdek built his first SafeSpot SkateSpot.

In addition to these two shows and his career as a skateboarder, Rob Dyrdek has been involved into other activities, as well. He has appeared in a computer video game called Skate and its sequel Skate 2. Moreover, Rob Dyrdek collaborated into making a movie called “Street Dreams” which was released in 2009. Therefore, there are also some other involvements which increase the total amount of Rob Dyrdek net worth.

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