Rob Schneider net worth

Rob Schneider net worth

Net Worth: $16 Million

About Rob Schneider

Rob Schneider net worth

It has been reported that the current amount of Rob Schneider net worth reaches 16 million dollars. All this net worth he has accumulated because of his involvement into cinema industry. Rob Schneider is known as one of those actors, who also extend their careers behind the scenes. Thus, in addition to being an actor, he is also known as a director, screenwriter and comedian. All these careers have helped to accumulate the total amount of Rob Schneider net worth, as well.

Rob Schneider is probably mostly known because of his work on the popular comedy show called “Saturday Night Live”. Since his first time in this show, Rob Schneider has landed many roles in various comedy films, such as “Grown Ups”, “The Hot Chick” and “Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo”. These films also added up to the overall amount of Rob Schneider net worth.
Rob Schneider was born in San Francisco, California, however, he was raised in the suburbs of Pacifica. He was born to his mother, who worked as a teacher at kindergarten and also was a member of school’s board, and his father, who was involved into real estate business.

When he was studying in high school, he was already doing stand-up comedy routines and opening for various acts, such as “Head On”, which was a band managed by his brother.

When he graduated from high school, Rob Schneider performed as a stand-up comedian in various night clubs, such as “The Other Café” and “Holy City Zoo”. In addition, he was a guest in various local radio programs.

In 1987, he served as an opening act for Dennis Miller. Dennis Miller was also the one, who encouraged Rob Schneider to appear on the Annual Young Comedians Special, broadcasted on the HBO channel. Because of his appearance in this program, Rob Schneider was hired as a writer for a popular TV show “Saturday Night Live”, which added much needed success to him and also increased Rob Schneider net worth a lot.

Thus, he started working for the show in 1988. Gradually, he became one of the full cast members of the show, besides his work as a writer. Between the years 1990-1994, he was one of the most vital members of the show and played roles, such as “Orgasm Guy” and “Tiny Elvis”. However, the character for which he was mostly known on the show was “Richard Laymer”. This character was known for creating annoying nicknames and whose desk was always stuck near the photocopier.

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rob schneider net worth rob schneider net worth rob schneider net worth

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