Robbie Williams net worth

Robbie Williams net worth

Net Worth: $160 Million

About Robbie Williams

Robbie Williams net worth

Robbie Williams is one of the most successful male performers of all time. It has been known that the current amount of Robbie Williams net worth reaches 160 million dollars. In addition to being one of the most popular and successful singers of all time, Robbie Williams is also an occasional actor, which also increases the overall amount of Robbie Williams net worth.

Initially, he gained success when he was performing with the band called “Take That”. After the band split, Robbie Williams became a solo act and reached much more success than being a member of the band “Take That”. Robbie Williams became popular in 1990s with the band “Take That”. However, year after year he began getting a lot of arguments with band members and in 1995 he left the group and started his solo career, which has added millions of dollars to Robbie Williams net worth.

His first seven released albums proved to be a huge hit and all of them landed in the first place in the charts of the UK. In addition, Robbie Williams has released seven singles, which all landed in the top of the charts all across Europe.

In 2010, it was stated that he was joining the band “Take That” again. After that, the group released one more album and it became a huge success. The album became second album in the UK music history, which have been selling very fast.

Currently, he is known to be performing as a solo act as well as a part of the band “Take That”. Also, from time to time, Robbie Williams is getting some acting jobs, as well. Thus, these are known to be the current sources of Robbie Williams net worth.

Robbie Williams albums have sold more than 70 million copies and such amount made it easy for him to become one of the best selling artists of all time. Robbie Williams is known as the best selling artist in the United Kingdom. In addition, he is also a best selling artist in non-Latin music industry.

In 2006, Robbie Williams name was entered in the World Guinness Book of Records. This was due to the fact that 1.6 million tickets were sold to his tour called Close Encounters Tour and it was done in a one day’s time. Moreover, Robbie Williams is a winner of 17 BRIT awards which made him the only person who has gotten such a huge amount of BRIT awards.

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