Robert De Niro net worth

Robert De Niro net worth

Net Worth: $185 Million

About Robert De Niro

Robert De Niro net worth

Robert De Niro is one of the most successful older generation actors, movie producer and director from the United States. He came to prominence in the early 70s, with the movies Mean Streets and Bang the Drum Slowly. The next year Robert garnered Academy Award for the Best Supporting Actor for his role in Godfather: Part 2. Robert De Niro net worth is currently estimated at $185 million. With the movie Mean Streets started fruitfull collaboration between De Niro and talented movie director Martin Scorsese. During the following decade Roberts starred in a number of his movies, including Raging Bull and Taxi Driver. This later movie earned Robert an Academy Award for the Best Actor.

Robert was born in New York, in a family of two dedicated artists. De Niro’s ancestors came from all over the Europe- Italy, Germany, Ireland, England and Netherlands. His mother Virginia Holton Admiral was a poet and painter and his father Robert De Niro Sr. was a sculptor. Needless to say these noble arts never brought them a fortune worth one-tenth of the current Robert De Niro net worth, which he generated by acting in Hollywood movies.

The two artists did not manage to live under the same roof and separated when Robert was still a toddler. After his parent’s divorce a boy and his mother moved to live to Manhattan, a district called Little Italy. Robert’s father rented an apartment few blocks away thus the two maintained a close relationship.

De Niro started acting in school plays at the age of nine. All though pretty shy otherwise, the boy shined with self-confidence and energy on the stage. For a short period in the ninth grade Robert attended High School of Music and Art, but soon dropped out. After this episode Robert tried to attend a public high school and two private ones but never graduated. A sixteen-year-old De Niro decided his future lies with movies and started attending acting lessons at Stella Adler Conservatory and Lee Strasberg’s Actors Studio. Although at the time giving up on education seemed a dangerous decision, judging from the current Robert De Niro net worth and the number of his acting awards he chose the right path.

De Niro landed his first movie role in 1963 in The Wedding Party. His salary for this role was 50 dollars and the movie was not released until 1969. Robert De Niro net worth started to grow after he met Martin Scorsese. The role in his movie Taxi Driver in 1976 brought Robert $35.000 and an Academy Award for the Best Actor. After this his salary shot to the stars. In 1996 he received $6 million for Sleepers and got additional $14 million for appearing in Ronin in 1998. By the year 2002 when he appeared in the film Meet the Fockers De Niro’s “standard” salary for one movie was $20 million.

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