Robert Durst net worth

Robert Durst net worth

Net Worth: $100 Million

About Robert Durst

Robert Durst net worth

The real Robert Durst net worth remains one of the greatest mysteries on earth, but our best estimates suggest that it should amount to some $100 million dollars. To be fair, this is an approximation by the Federal Bureau of Investigations, not by us. New York Times, on the other hand, suggest that Robert Durst net worth is even greater than this: according to the magazine, he is worth $110 million. It is your choice who to believe, FBI or New York Times, but the conclusion will be quite similar: he is one rich bustard.
The notorious celebrity did not earn most of this money: he was just lucky to be born into a super wealthy family, which controls Durst Organization. According to Forbes’ 2014s list, The Durst family controls real estate empire worth $4 billion dollars! Compared to this sum, Robert’s share does not seem so huge, does it? Well he was not the best son. In fact, this man, who has been charged with nearly every crime you could think of – from public urinating to murder – has caused a lot of headache to his family. Although he’s currently 72 years old and hence, one might think, should spend most of his time sleeping in front of TV, this grandpa still has problems with the police.

As you can already see, Robert Durst net worth is not the only interesting topic concerning this man. So let’s take a brief look at both his income sources and personal life.
Now how and what exactly do we know about Robert’s financial situation? We know that in the mid-2000s this elderly man sued his family for not allowing his second wife to inherit his trust in the event of his death. The court decided that Robert has a right to a total sum of $65 million. But at the same time the ties between the inheritor and the rest of his family were completely severed and he was removed from any stake in the company. Some four years ago the millionaire became even richer in liquid assets, as he sold his New York properties for more than 21 million dollars.
Now what about this criminal history? As I mentioned, Robert has been related to more crimes than I could list. But my to „favorite“ stories concern the disappearance of his wife Kathleen “Kathie” McCormack and the murder of his longtime friend, Susan Berman. The formed disappeared in 1982 after leaving her apartment and speaking with her husband on the phone. It is essential to notice that three weeks earlier Kathleen has told her friends that Robert was beating her and required $250 thousand divorce settlement from him. The later, Susan, was found murdered execution-style at her home in California, just a few days after her “friend” has visited the state, Some people say that if it was not for Robert Durst net worth, he would have been imprisoned years ago!

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