Robert Irvine net worth

Robert Irvine net worth

Net Worth: $8 Million

About Robert Irvine

Robert Irvine net worth

Robert Irvine is one of the most well known celebrity chefs. It has been reported that the current amount of Robert Irvine net worth reaches as much as 8 million dollars, which also proves that he is one of the richest of them. Robert Irvine net worth has been accumulated mainly because of his appearances on the channel of Food Network, where he has been appearing in many different programs. He is mostly known from the following ones: Worst Cooks in America, Dinner: Impossible and Restaurant: Impossible.

Robert Irvine was born in 1965 in Britain. When he was 15 years old only, he got interested into cooking and started his career as a chef, which today brings millions of dollars to Robert Irvine net worth, as well. When he enrolled into the Royal Navy, Robert Irvine discovered his passion for cooking. Soon, he began to learn culinary arts and used his skills as a chef in such major places as Her Majesty’s Royal Yacht Brittania. Thus, he has served as the main chef in many cruise ships. Moreover, Robert Irvine has also been working at the Caesars Atlantic City and Donald Trump’s Casino Resort.

Therefore, these involvements also added up to the overall sum of Robert Irvine net worth.

In 2005, Robert Irvine contributed to the fundraising of the 77th Academy Awards as an executive chef. In 2006, Robert Irvine was even serving as the head chef during the dinner of the 78th Academy Awards. One of his most recent involvements is serving as the president and the founder of Irvine Tyme, LLC. In 2007, the first book of Robert Irvine was published, which was called “Mission: Cook”. In writing this book, Robert Irvine contributed to Brian O’Reilly. Robert Irvine has also started his own line of spices as well as vinegars.

Robert Irvine personal life is also well known. Currently, he is residing in South Carolina. Before he moved to live there, Robert Irvine was living in New Jersey with his then wife, Karen. In 2012, he married for the second time and it was to a former wrestler, Gail Kim. He met Gail Kim when he was filming for the show of the Food Network, called “Dinner: Impossible”. In that episode in which they met, Robert Irvine was serving as a chef during the WWE Summerslam. From his first marriage to Karen, Robert Irvine has two kids – Talia and Annalise.

Now you have an idea why Robert Irvine net worth is this huge

robert irvine net worth robert irvine net worth robert irvine net worth

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