Robin Givens net worth

Robin Givens net worth

Net Worth: $2 Million

About Robin Givens

Robin Givens net worth

Robin Givens is a well known name in acting as well as in the entertainment industry and this career has made her very famous all around the world as well as increased Robin Givens net worth, which has been announced to have an estimate of 2 million dollars, which made her an upcoming multi millionaire in the industry. She has appeared in productions made for TV, films as well as stage.

In 1984, Robin Givens became the graduate of Sarah Lawrence College, and immediately after that she started acting. In 1986, Robin Givens was featured in a TV show called “Head of the Class”, which marked her start in TV and it increased Robin Givens net worth, as well. Robin Givens was appearing on the show till its cancelation after five years.

In 1991, Robin Givens concentrated on her career as a movie star and only seldom appeared on TV. In 1996, Robin Givens was chosen to appear in a TV series called “Sparks”, however, the show lasted for only two seasons. In 2000, Robin Givens started to host a TV show called “Forgive or Forget”. However, only after four months the show ended. Since that time, Robin Givens has been appearing as a recurrent character in some other TV shows, such as “Tyler Perry’s House of Payne”, “The Game” and “Chuck”.

These roles also added up to the total sum of Robin Givens net worth. In 2007, Robin Givens also debuted as an author when she released her autobiographical book titled “Grace Will Lead Me Home”.

Talking about her personal life, Robin Givens has been married two times and she has divorced twice, as well. In 1988, Robin Givens married a famous boxer Mike Tyson. Their marriage received much media exposure. In the next year, the couple divorced and once again, it was received with huge media coverage. In 1997, she married another sportsman, Svetozar Marinkovic, who is a tennis player. However, as in her previous marriage, Robin Givens divorced from him one year after their marriage.

In 1993, Robin Givens adopted a boy. In 2000, she gave birth to her own son, whose father is her ex-boyfriend, also a tennis player, Murphy Jensen. Thus, it is quite obvious why her personal life received probably as much attention as does her career as an actress. Thus, besides her acting career which brings huge revenues to Robin Givens net worth, she is also known as a happy mother.

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