Rodrigo Santoro net worth

Rodrigo Santoro net worth

Net Worth: $10 Million

About Rodrigo Santoro

Rodrigo Santoro net worth

Rodrigo Santoro is one of the most popular actors from Brazil. Being an actor has served as the main source when it comes to increasing the overall amount of Rodrigo Santoro net worth, which has been estimated to reach 10 million dollars, as of right now.
The actor has appeared in quite a lot of popular films, such as “Love Actually”, “I Love You Phillip Morris”, “Rio”, “Brainstorm”, “Che” and “Carandiru”. In 2006, he got his probably best known role, that being as Xerxes in the film called “300”. He reprised the role in the sequel to it, called “300: Rise of an Empire”, which was released in 2014. Thus, all of these films have also increased the current estimate of Rodrigo Santoro net worth. Rodrigo Santoro has appeared in some TV series, as well, such as “Lost”, where he played the role of Paulo.
The actor was born in 1975 in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil and his real birth name is Rodrigo Junqueira dos Reis Santoro. His mother was an artist and his father was an engineer. His mother is from Brazil but his father is from Italy. Rodrigo Santoro was a student at PUC-Rio.

In 1993, when he was studying there, he was accepted to the Actor’s Workshop of Rede Globo. This led to his many appearances in Globo telenovelas, such as “Mulheres Apaixonadas”, “Explode Coração”, “Olho no Olho”, “O Amor Está no Ar”, “Pátria Minha” and “Suave Veneno”. In 1998, he also had a role in the miniseries called “Hilda Furacão”, where he appeared as a priest. Thus, these first appearances started to make his name recognized and also added up to the total size of Rodrigo Santoro net worth. Rodrigo Santoro is also a voice actor. He appeared as the title character in the Stuart Little movies in the Brazilian versions of the film.
In 2001, he got his first big role, which was in “Bicho de Sete Cabeças”. Then, he played the male leading role in “Abril Despedaçado”. This film became a nominee for the Golden Globe Award in 2002. In 2003, Rodrigo Santoro appeared as Lady Di in the film called “Carandiru”. The actor was noticed by Robert Allan Ackerman, who invited him to appear in the TV production called “The Roman Spring of Mrs. Stone”. The film was shot in Italy and Rodrigo Santoro appeared next to such actors as Anne Bancroft and Helen Mirren.
The actor began his career in Hollywood when he got a role in “Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle”. His Hollywood career has added up a lot of revenues to the overall sum of Rodrigo Santoro net worth, as well. After his appearance in the latter production, he was chosen for the role of Karl in the production called “Love Actually”. In this film, he appeared with such actors as Rowan Atkinson, Emma Thompson, Colin Firth and Hugh Grant. His most recent film appearances include “Pelé: Birth of a Legend”, “Jane Got a Gun”, “Dominion”, “Ben-Hur” and “Rio, I Love You”.

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