Roger Clemens net worth

Roger Clemens net worth

Net Worth: $60 Million

About Roger Clemens

Roger Clemens net worth

Roger Clemens is a well known name in sports. It has been stated that the overall amount of Roger Clemens net worth is as high as 60 million dollars. Roger Clemens has gained his fame as well as his net worth through his successful career as a baseball pitcher. He was playing in American Major league, although today he is known to be retired from it.

For 12 years, Roger Clemens was playing in the team of Boston Red Sox, where he also made his name popular in sports. During this time, he also got his nickname as “Rocket”. Roger Clemens is also known as winner of 7 Cy Young Awards which made him the only one baseball pitcher to receive such a number of these awards. Thus, in addition to his high net worth, he has also been recognized for his talents in baseball.

He was staying in baseball for 23 years, and it is no surprise that during such amount of time Roger Clemens net worth increased a lot. Also, during his career in baseball, Roger Clemens belonged to four different baseball teams. For two seasons, he belonged to the Toronto Blue Jays team. In 1999, Roger Clemens started playing for the New York Yankees team, which increased his popularity even more.

Also, when he was a member of this team, Roger Clemens became a winner of World Series for the first time. Thus, belonging to these two teams also increased the overall sum of Roger Clemens net worth.

Also, Roger Clemens has been named as one of the best pitchers in the world, his record is 4 thousand strikeouts. After his successful career in the New York Yankees, Roger Clemens joined the team of the Houston Astros. However, in 2007, he came back to the New York Yankees. Thus, it is also believed that his membership there was the one which has added most of financial success to him, as well as increased the total sum of Roger Clemens net worth.

Not all of his career has been splendid. In the late years of his career as a baseball pitcher, he was suspended of using steroids. This brought some shadows to his successful baseball pitcher’s career.

The pitcher was born in Ohio in 1962. When he was a student, besides playing baseball, he was also interested into playing basketball and football. When he became a college student, he continued his career as a baseball player.

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