Roger Federer net worth

Roger Federer net worth

Net Worth: $140 Million

About Roger Federer

Roger Federer net worth

Roger Federer is a professional tennis player from Switzerland, considered to be the greatest athlete in this sport branch. During his career Federer has won numerous championships and set quite a few records. Roger Federer net worth is currently estimated at $140 million. He has been ranked as the best tennis player for 302 weeks, longer than any other man ever did. During his career Roger has won Grand Slam singles seventeen times and played at Wimbledon finals 8 times.
It looks like Roger Federer was as lucky in his personal life as he is in sports. In a spring of 2009 he married Mirka Vavrinec. Before the marriage, a couple dated for almost ten years, since they have met at the Sidney Olympics in 2000. Mirka is a former professional tennis player too. She had to retire from professional sports in 2002, due to unfortunate injury and has been working for Roger as a public relations manager since then. In the summer 2009, soon after the two got married, Mirka gave birth to the twin girls, Charlene Riva and Myla Rose.
Roger was born in 1981 to Swiss father Robert Federer and South African mother of French and Dutch decent, Lynette.

Roger was raised near the borders of France and Germany and learned to speak both of these languages plus English as good as if it was his native. Might seem ironic, but this great athlete was exempt from the military service, which is obligatory in Switzerland , because of the physical problems. He was deemed to be unfit for the armed forces because of the enduring back pains. One could guess Roger was not deeply disappointed, as his career would not have benefited from this break. Federer started playing professionally in 1999, when he was 18 year old. It was not long before he secured a place among the most talented tennis players and Roger Federer net worth started to grow.
The same year he managed to beat Carlos Moya, who was ranked as the 5th best tennis player in the world at the time. That year Roger earned about $225 thousand- huge money for lesser mortals, but a petty cash compared to the later salaries of Federer. Roger’s talent and skill were fully developed by 2001 when he triumphed at the Association of Tennis Professionals singles for the first time. This year Roger Federer net worth increased by nearly a million and still, this was not his best year. The next year his income doubled and in 2003 it doubled once again. By the year 2007 he was receiving $10 million annually for playing tennis alone, and tennis is not the only source of Roger Federer net worth. He also has some very profitable endorsement agreements signed. According to Forbes, Roger’s total annual income was over $40 million since 2009 and it peaked at $52 million in the year 2011-2012.

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Roger Federer net worth Roger Federer net worth

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