Roger Goodell net worth

Roger Goodell net worth

Net Worth: $45 Million

About Roger Goodell

Roger Goodell net worth

Roger Goodell is regarded as one of the most successful NFL players. It has also been estimated that Roger Goodell net worth reaches 45 million dollars, which also makes him one of the richest ones. His yearly salary has been stated to be as high as 30 million dollars, and such sum of money has increased Roger Goodell net worth, as well. Currently, Roger Goodell serves as the Commissioner of the National Football League. It has been announced that in the period of the years 2012-2013, Roger Goodell received almost 30 million dollars as his payment, which came from salary as well as his bonuses. Roger Goodell’s base salary was known to reach 7.2 million dollars, whereas in bonuses he got much more – 22.3 million dollars.

In 2006, Roger Goodell began serving as the Commissioner of the NFL, when he was chosen to replace Paul Tagliabue. This position is one of the most important sources of Roger Goodell net worth right now. In the election to get this position, Roger Goodell beat four other opponents. In addition to holding this position, Roger Goodell is also known as the President of the NFL Charities.

It is worth mentioning that this position comes together with all the other duties of being the Commissioner of the National Football League.

Roger Goodell has got a very well reputation in the field of sports. A lot of sports commentators and critics have defined Roger Goodell as one of the most powerful men in sports. This description was given to him due to his ability to control all his duties and responsibilities as well as authority as being involved in the NFL. Therefore, in addition to increasing Roger Goodell net worth, this position also made him a very successful and positive person in the industry.

Roger Goodell was born in Jamestown, New York, in 1959. He is also known for his family relationships, mainly – for his father, who was a United States Senator in New York, Charles E. Goodell. In 1971, Roger Goodell and his family moved to Bronxville’s neighborhood in New York. There, he also attended high school, where he became a huge star in sports. He was playing baseball, basketball and football and proved to be really successful in all of these three sports. When he was a senior, Roger Goodell was also the captain of all of these three teams. In addition, he was also titled as the athlete of the year in his high school.

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