Roger Penske net worth

Roger Penske net worth

Net Worth: $1.1 Billion

About Roger Penske

Roger Penske net worth

Roger Penske is regarded as one of the wealthiest people in the world. It has been recently stated that the current sum of Roger Penske net worth reaches as much as 1.1 billion dollars, which marks his beginning in the millionaire’s industry. He has accumulated such a high net worth through his career as being an owner of Team Penske, which is the racing team of automobiles. In addition to this team, Roger Penske is known as an owner of many other automobile related companies and organizations, such as the Penske Corporation, which also serve as important parts in accumulating the overall amount of Roger Penske net worth.

He is also known as a winner of many races of Indianapolis 500, currently he holds 15 wins. In the late 1950s, Roger Penske became a world known sensation, when he could win any race very easily. In the early 1960s, Roger Penske got the title of the Sports Car Club of America Driver of the Year, according to Sports Illustrated.

When he retired from his career as a racer, Roger Penske still wanted to be involved in this industry and created a team, which became immensely successful in NASCAR racing as well as IndyCar Series.

In this industry, Roger Penske is also sometimes referred to as “The Captain”. Other involvements of his, besides the previously mentioned ones, are his being a corporate director of General Electric and the chairman of Super Bowl XL. These are also important sources when it comes to accumulating the overall amount of Roger Penske net worth.

Roger Penske was born in 1937 in Ohio. It was his father who encouraged little Roger Penske to get involved into business. He knew that his son had what it took in order to be successful as an entrepreneur. When he was a teenager, he used to buy older used cars, repaired them and then sold them to new owners. He did all this job from his family’s garage in Ohio.

During 10 years of such a career, Roger Penske sold 32 cars. In 1958 Roger Penske used to buy old race cars, repair them, race them and then sell them. As being involved in this, Roger Penske proved to be a real success both in selling cars as well as racing and this involvement started to add first huge sums of money to Roger Penske net worth. Little did he know at that time, he would become a world known racer and a billionaire.

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