Roger Waters net worth

Roger Waters net worth

Net Worth: $230 Million

About Roger Waters

Roger Waters net worth

It has been announced that the overall estimate of Roger Waters net worth currently reaches 230 million dollars. Being of English descent, Roger Waters is a musician, singer, songwriter as well as a composer. Roger Waters has accumulated his net worth mainly because of his involvement in the British group called “Pink Floyd”. There, he has been the leading vocalist and also the founder of the band. The band has become one of the most popular British bands of all time and it also increased Roger Waters net worth a lot. The band has sold more than 250 copies of their albums on an international scale. In 1985, Roger Waters left the band in order to have a solo career, which proved to be very successful.

Roger Waters was born in Surrey, England, in 1943. During his time in the “Pink Floyd” group, the band has become one of the leading bands of progressive rock. The band was founded in 1965 and since its beginning Roger Waters served as the group’s leading vocal, songwriter and lyricist, previously these positions being taken by Syd Barrett who left the band in 1968. Roger Waters also was the bassist of the band.

The band became a huge success when its albums have been released. These albums included “Animal”, “The Final Cut”, “The Dark Side of the Moon”, “The Wall” and “Wish You Were Here”. The sales of these albums also added up to the total estimate of Roger Waters net worth.

In 1986 Roger Waters decided to start his career as a solo act when a lot of arguments started between the members of the band. Also, when leaving the band, Roger Waters initiated the court case when he intended to keep the rights of band’s name and its material, as well. In 1987, the court case was closed. However, after 18 years Roger Waters reunited with the band again. The band also started a tour after they reunited, which was called “The Wall”.

All in all, the band has released 14 albums. Also, it has been stated that their sales have been very high all across the world, with 74.5 million copies of the band’s albums being sold in the United States. As a solo artist, Roger Waters has been signed to Warner/Chappell label. In addition, Roger Waters is known as an owner of two companies, those being Roger Waters Music Overseas and Roger Waters Music UK. These companies also increase the overall sum of Roger Waters net worth.

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