Roman Abramovich net worth

Roman Abramovich net worth

Net Worth: $13.8 Million

About Roman Abramovich

Roman Abramovich net worth

Roman Abramovich is known as one of the richest people in the world. It has been estimated that the current amount of Roman Abramovich net worth reaches 13.8 million dollars. He has accumulated his high net worth mainly through his various business ventures and he is regarded as one of the most successful businesspeople of all time.

Roman Abramovich has been a very controversial person as well. It is known that he started his business ventures firstly as selling stolen gasoline and also smuggling of contraband. These first business ventures started to accumulate the total estimate of Roman Abramovich net worth. Roman Abramovich realized that he might become quite a successful investor and businessman and his ventures soon expanded to having a toy factory, selling car parts as well as retread tires. He and his wife named Olga were even starting a doll making factory, which expanded even more. Therefore, all these ventures added a lot of revenues to the overall estimate of Roman Abramovich net worth.

Roman Abramovich moved from toy business and began another one, which was related to bodyguard services, oil products trading and consumer goods.

Also, Roman Abramovich was accused of stealing property which belonged to government, but the charges against him were dismissed when he collaborated with notable people in retrieving fuel, which he stole.

During his career, Roman Abramovich was also known as buying companies, such as Vector-A limited liability company and many others. It is surprising how he became more famous and more successful with every single business venture he made. It also made him richer day by day. He became so important in the society of Russia, that he was even asked to move to live to Kremlin next to President Boris Yeltsin.

Talking about the scale of Russia, Roman Abramovich is regarded to be in the 9th position of being the richest man in the country. Therefore, although Roman Abramovich net worth seems to be high enough, he is still not the one who is the wealthiest in the country. Also, Roman Abramovich has been known to be closely working with Boris Berezovsky with whom he has founded several companies and have five supplementaries functioning in Western Europe. Also, in 2000 Roman Abramovich became the governor of Chukotka. Being in such position, he made some changes and reforms, such as in the areas of housing, education and living status of people.

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