Romeo Miller net worth

Romeo Miller net worth

Net Worth: $5 Million

About Romeo Miller

Romeo Miller net worth

It has been announced that the total sum of Romeo Miller net worth is 5 million dollars, as of right now. Romeo Miller has earned his net worth through quite a lot of different careers. He is known as a basketball player, singer, entrepreneur, actor and model. These careers have been the main ones when it comes to making himself a huge star in the industry. Talking about him as a singer, Romeo Miller has released five rap studio albums up to this day. The sales of these albums have also increased the total size of Romeo Miller net worth.

Before he became a well known singer, Romeo Miller was mostly known as a college basketball player. Romeo Miller has one single which has landed in the top spot of the charts, called “My Baby”. One of his most recent involvements has been establishing his own record label which he called The Next Generation Entertainment. In addition to that, he has founded his own band called “College Boyys”. These two careers have also added up to the total estimate of Romeo Miller net worth.

The rapper was born in 1989 in Louisiana. Today, he is mostly known from the TV channels, where he is appearing on his own show, which airs in the Nickelodeon network.

The show is also regarded as one of the main current sources of Romeo Miller net worth.

In 2001, before he became such a well known star, Romeo Miller started his career as a musician with the release of his single called “My Baby”. The song soon became a huge hit. In the Billboard Hot 100 chart, Romeo Miller’s hit landed in the third position. At that time, he was only 11 years old. The one who has helped him in the beginning of his career was his father who encouraged Romeo Miller to get involved into show business. His father is also a well known person in music industry, as he is also a rapper, Percy Miller.

In 2002, Romeo Miller released his album called “Gametime”. After the release of this album, Romeo Miller got many offers to appear in some TV productions as well as films. In 2003, Romeo Miller appeared in a movie with Jessica Alba, called “Honey”. Romeo Miller later started to act in the TV show on Nickelodeon called “Romeo”. Up to this day, Romeo Miller has released three studio albums as well as two compiled albums.

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