Ron White net worth

Ron White net worth

Net Worth: $10 Million

About Ron White

Ron White net worth

It has been claimed that the current estimate of Ron White net worth reaches a sum of 10 million dollars. Ron White has accumulated his net worth through his splendid career as a stand-up comedian as well as an actor. These two sources have played a major role in making him popular as well as bringing huge sums of money to Ron White net worth. Ron White is probably most known as being a part of Blue Collar Comedy Tour. In 2006, Ron White also debuted as an author when he released a book titled “I Had the Right to Remain Silent but I Didn’t Have an Ability”. In fact, this book entered the New York Best Seller list and the sales of it also increased the total sum of Ron White net worth.

Ron White was born in 1956 in Texas. Before he became a popular man in the entertainment industry, Ron White also was serving in the United States Navy. In fact, as Ron White has stated, he joined the United States Navy when he was only 17 years old. When he was young, his main hobby was fishing. However, at the same time, he was also interested into acting and wanted to become a comedian and perform in front of huge audiences of people.

Also, before he came back to the United States, Ron White was living in Mexico for a short period of time. There, he also bought a pottery factory.

Also, a lot of stories which came from his childhood or youth Ron White described in his previously mentioned book “I Had the Right to Remain Silent but I Didn’t Have an Ability”. In 2000, Ron White began touring as a stand-up comedian with the Blue Collar Comedy Tour, in which he stayed for three years. The tour was a real sold out. More than 15 million dollars grossed overall and the tour was organized in 90 cities. The tour also increased the total estimate of Ron White net worth. Also, Ron White has appeared on Blue Collar TV seven times. In addition, as a part of his comedian act, Ron White is usually known for drinking Scotch.

In 2009, a DVD of Ron White was released which was called “Behavioral Problems”. In 2010, Ron White collaborated with Michael Blakey in founding a company called Organica Music Group, which is known for promoting not only musicians, but also comedians.

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