Ronnie Coleman net worth

Ronnie Coleman net worth

Net Worth: $10 Million

About Ronnie Coleman

Ronnie Coleman net worth

Ronnie Coleman was born in 1964 and is mostly known as a professional bodybuilder. It has been stated that the current Ronnie Coleman net worth has an estimate of 10 million dollars, which also makes him one of the richest bodybuilders in the world. Ronnie Coleman is also known as a winner of Mr. Olympia competition, a title, which he has won eight consecutive times. This is a record, however, he shares it with another professional bodybuilder, Lee Haney. In addition to this record, Ronnie Coleman is also known as a winner of IFBB professional, which he has 26 and which is considered the highest number of winnings in IFBB.

Therefore, with such huge winnings comes a lot of prize money, which adds up to the overall amount of Ronnie Coleman net worth. Talking more about his IFBB winnings, in 2004, he broke a record, which was held by Vince Taylor, having 22 wins, and got his 26th winning in the IFBB.

Before he became a professional bodybuilder, Ronnie Coleman was studying at Grambling State University, where he was studying accounting. Also, when he studied there, he was also active in sports, mainly – football.

After he graduated from university, Ronnie Coleman was working as a police officer in Texas, where he served between the years 1989-2000. Between the years 2000-2003, Ronnie Coleman also served as a reserve officer. It was in his service in police, when he was advised by his co-workers to go to train in a gym, owned by an amateur bodybuilder, Brian Dobson.

Brian Dobson offered Ronnie Coleman to come to the gym whenever he wanted and train without charge if he let him to train him for the Mr. Texas competition. Therefore, Ronnie Coleman’s path into bodybuilding started, which today has accumulated a high Ronnie Coleman net worth. Ronnie Coleman participated in the Mr. Texas competition and became a winner of it. What is even more interesting is that Ronnie Dobson fought against his trainer Brian Dobson and defeated him.

In 1995, Ronnie Coleman competed as a professional in the Canada Pro Cup, which was the first competition in which he participated as a professional. Needless to say, he won this competition, too. In the following year, he participated in the contest again and became a winner one more time. Therefore, bodybuilding and his participation in various events related to it increased Ronnie Coleman net worth a lot.

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